Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fairyland's Realpukis Take the Town by Storm

Warning:  Two of these poor little dolls still have no clothes, so if bare dolly bodies disturb you, please come back in a couple of weeks when I may have succeeded in dressing them all.  Although, I must say, these dolls are completely asexual.  They can pass for either girls or boys, depending on how you dress them.  All three are still waiting for wigs, too.  My sewing machine goes into the shop late Wednesday afternoon, so any hope of having it back by the weekend are slim-to-none.  I can limp through making clothing by hand, but wig-making requires the machine.

It was a small square mailing box from the US Postal Service--I couldn't believe all three dolls were inside.  Then again, nearly all my other recent doll boxes have been huge.  It's all a question of scale, and I am unaccustomed to this scale.  Fairyland's Realpukis are from Korea, but because I ordered through Denver Doll Emporium (DDE), they shipped from Colorado.

Inside the box were three smaller packages, each wrapped in a silver-gray bag with a doll photo on the front.  This gave me a moment's pause, because the photos showed one Soso and two Tynis.  I didn't order a Tyni, let alone two of them.  The labels below the photos, however, showed that the Tyni boxes contained one Pupu and one Kaka, as ordered.

I should have photographed the boxes inside the bags.  They are bright red and look like books of fairy tales.  As usual, though, I was too impatient to get to the good stuff inside.  Maybe later.

What can I say?  They are adorable.  Soso still makes me smile whenever I look at him (her?), but so does Kaka with his (her?) pursed lips.  Pupu was actually a bit of a disappointment.  The mouth is smeary, and from what I am seeing on Den of Angels of other people's dolls, they all look like that.  Given the size of the doll, it's a wonder that the whole faceup isn't smeary.  I'm hoping she will look better once she has a wig to distract the eye from her mouth.  I find I am thinking of this one as a girl.  Must be those dark pink lips.

Tickle, aka Soso.  To get an idea of the size, look back a few pages
at the photos of Kaye Wiggs' Nelly.  I show her with the same basket.

The Realpukis are hard to pose.  First of all, they are extremely small.  Second, they are completely jointed.  Third, there are magnets in various body parts.  So you have an extremely tiny doll with crazy jointed arms and legs that want to stick together because of the magnets.  Fairyland used to provide small metal plates with its tiny dolls for them to stand on.  I don't know why they stopped.  While I was sewing Pupu's dress, I stood her in the metal lid of the small tea cannister I use for straight pins.  (I usually shake out a number of pins at a time, instead of reaching into the cannister.)   This worked wonderfully for standing her up, but unfortunately all the straight pins stuck to her feet.  Hmm...

Peapod, aka Pupu and a little Chihuahua friend.

I did manage to sew one tiny dress (actually a skirt and blouse) that Pupu can wear.  The other two are waiting to see what I can come up with.  Meanwhile, neither Soso nor Kaka seems to mind hanging out au naturel.  Pupu is the only one who seems embarrassed.  Bearpicnic has offered me two pairs of knit pants, which I have accepted.  Once they arrive, I will see what might work as a top.  I have a pattern for Littlefees that I reduced on the photocopier.  With luck it will fit the Realpukis.  Fingers crossed.

Bubbles, aka Kaka, lounging in the Chihuahua's basket.

Realpukis are a challenge to photograph.  When you get in that close to a doll (or any small object) your depth of field diminishes.  It's hard to get three small dolls in focus in the same photo.  These little ones will be a learning curve for me from every angle.

Peapod, Tickle, and Bubbles

I have names for these little ones.  Soso will be known as Tickle.  I feel it fits with the huge smile.  Kaka will be Bubbles, because he or she could be blowing bubbles with those pursed lips.  Pupu will be Peapod.  She looks shy, like a little pea hiding in her pod.  (Yes, I know.  It sounds corny.  Believe me, it could have been worse.)

Three Realpukis and a friend.  The rabbit, a T.F. Wuzzies from
Boyds Bears, is 4 inches tall to the tip of his ears.

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  1. These kids are different from your others! I wonder if your mailman is curious about your packages. :-) Can't wait to see them all dressed.