Monday, March 19, 2012

Carleen Tries on Wigs (Iplehouse Lahela EID)

I had a request to show more pics of Carleen.  That's a request I am more than happy to honor, especially as I spent some time yesterday trying different wigs on her.

Carleen is a normal skin Lahela with the type B faceup.  So far I can't show her in any clothing other than what she is wearing, because she cannot fit into anything else I have.  I need to make her a dress so that I can continue the story I began with her box opening.  The boys have new clothes, so Carleen needs to match.  But that's another post.

This post is about wigs.  Here is another look at a wig I showed yesterday:  Winter Angel in Dark Chocolate, from Jpopdolls.  I love the wild tangle of it, especially with the safari look of her vest and hat.  I am so glad I changed her eyes.  The pale blue Eyeco eyes were 11 mm and didn't really suit her.  The Starlit Blue Eyecos are 13 mm and are a much better fit.

The wig above is from Leekeworld.  As sold by Denver Doll it's called Sandy, and the color is sandy brown.  It looks blonde in this photo.

This one is from Iplehouse.  The model is IHW-M013 and the color is #15 (milk brown).  I'm not sure I love this wig on any of my dolls.  Every once in a while I'll try it on a doll and then consign it to the bottom of the size 8/9 wig bin again.  It probably looks best on Elfdoll Sooah.

I bought another color of this wig for Carleen and ended up not using it.  It's called Glamour, from Jpopdolls.  The new one is an 8/9 (you can see it on Kaye Wiggs' Nelly in the previous post), while this is a 7/8 that I bought a while back for Elfdoll Hazy.  I've misplaced the tag, so I can't say what the color is called.  I was surprised to see that it fits Carleen, but then Jpopdolls wigs are a bit stretchy and tend to fit heads a little larger than their stated size.

This is a Monique Gold J-Rock in Golden Auburn.  I've had it forever.  It was one of the first wigs I bought for Elfdoll Sooah, who was the first large bjd I acquired.  It looks a bit more golden brown than auburn to me.  I like it on Carleen, but not as much as the Winter Angel above.

I stored this wig in the wrong bag but even so I can tell it's a Kana Waves from Jpopdolls.  The color is Rose Gold, just to show how Carleen looks as a redhead.  These last three photos show Carleen with the smaller Eyeco eyes, as well as her two suitors, Jamie and Shane.

One last wig, because I have to show her as a pale blonde.  This one is from Iplehouse.  IHW-M031 is an older wig they no longer sell; the color is #KB88 blonde.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing Carleen in different wigs as much as she has enjoyed trying them on.  I think I like her best in the Winter Angel in the first photo, because it's the only wig that reveals her entire face.

All of the above wigs are size 8/9 except for the Glamour, which is a 7/8.


  1. How fun is this post????!!! Sandy and Glamour are my favorites.

  2. How can you get one of these Bjd dolls or purchase one ? can someone help me

  3. Hi Jaqueline,
    Iplehouse BJDs are available at You can sometimes find them on the secondary market--I bought one recently on ebay. Go to for links to Iple and other doll makers, along with links to anything that has to do with BJDs.