Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fairyland's Realpukis Take the Town by Storm

Warning:  Two of these poor little dolls still have no clothes, so if bare dolly bodies disturb you, please come back in a couple of weeks when I may have succeeded in dressing them all.  Although, I must say, these dolls are completely asexual.  They can pass for either girls or boys, depending on how you dress them.  All three are still waiting for wigs, too.  My sewing machine goes into the shop late Wednesday afternoon, so any hope of having it back by the weekend are slim-to-none.  I can limp through making clothing by hand, but wig-making requires the machine.

It was a small square mailing box from the US Postal Service--I couldn't believe all three dolls were inside.  Then again, nearly all my other recent doll boxes have been huge.  It's all a question of scale, and I am unaccustomed to this scale.  Fairyland's Realpukis are from Korea, but because I ordered through Denver Doll Emporium (DDE), they shipped from Colorado.

Inside the box were three smaller packages, each wrapped in a silver-gray bag with a doll photo on the front.  This gave me a moment's pause, because the photos showed one Soso and two Tynis.  I didn't order a Tyni, let alone two of them.  The labels below the photos, however, showed that the Tyni boxes contained one Pupu and one Kaka, as ordered.

I should have photographed the boxes inside the bags.  They are bright red and look like books of fairy tales.  As usual, though, I was too impatient to get to the good stuff inside.  Maybe later.

What can I say?  They are adorable.  Soso still makes me smile whenever I look at him (her?), but so does Kaka with his (her?) pursed lips.  Pupu was actually a bit of a disappointment.  The mouth is smeary, and from what I am seeing on Den of Angels of other people's dolls, they all look like that.  Given the size of the doll, it's a wonder that the whole faceup isn't smeary.  I'm hoping she will look better once she has a wig to distract the eye from her mouth.  I find I am thinking of this one as a girl.  Must be those dark pink lips.

Tickle, aka Soso.  To get an idea of the size, look back a few pages
at the photos of Kaye Wiggs' Nelly.  I show her with the same basket.

The Realpukis are hard to pose.  First of all, they are extremely small.  Second, they are completely jointed.  Third, there are magnets in various body parts.  So you have an extremely tiny doll with crazy jointed arms and legs that want to stick together because of the magnets.  Fairyland used to provide small metal plates with its tiny dolls for them to stand on.  I don't know why they stopped.  While I was sewing Pupu's dress, I stood her in the metal lid of the small tea cannister I use for straight pins.  (I usually shake out a number of pins at a time, instead of reaching into the cannister.)   This worked wonderfully for standing her up, but unfortunately all the straight pins stuck to her feet.  Hmm...

Peapod, aka Pupu and a little Chihuahua friend.

I did manage to sew one tiny dress (actually a skirt and blouse) that Pupu can wear.  The other two are waiting to see what I can come up with.  Meanwhile, neither Soso nor Kaka seems to mind hanging out au naturel.  Pupu is the only one who seems embarrassed.  Bearpicnic has offered me two pairs of knit pants, which I have accepted.  Once they arrive, I will see what might work as a top.  I have a pattern for Littlefees that I reduced on the photocopier.  With luck it will fit the Realpukis.  Fingers crossed.

Bubbles, aka Kaka, lounging in the Chihuahua's basket.

Realpukis are a challenge to photograph.  When you get in that close to a doll (or any small object) your depth of field diminishes.  It's hard to get three small dolls in focus in the same photo.  These little ones will be a learning curve for me from every angle.

Peapod, Tickle, and Bubbles

I have names for these little ones.  Soso will be known as Tickle.  I feel it fits with the huge smile.  Kaka will be Bubbles, because he or she could be blowing bubbles with those pursed lips.  Pupu will be Peapod.  She looks shy, like a little pea hiding in her pod.  (Yes, I know.  It sounds corny.  Believe me, it could have been worse.)

Three Realpukis and a friend.  The rabbit, a T.F. Wuzzies from
Boyds Bears, is 4 inches tall to the tip of his ears.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Iplehouse Girls Size Comparison

Okay, I admit it.  This post is a filler.  My Realpukis arrived on Friday and I had every intention of writing about them, because they are: Just. Too. Cute.  However, they are also naked, and so far my attempts at creating clothing for something so tiny to wear have been dismal, to say the least.  My sewing machine has chosen this very weekend to break down, so I have been sewing by hand.  Teeny tiny things that I can barely see.  The results are not a pretty sight.

And so, in order to beg off another week while I get the d*#&!d machine fixed, I decided to line up my Iplehouse girls for a size comparison photo.  I would do it with the boys, too, except I don't have one in every size Iple makes.  With the girls I do.

In the back row we have EID Lahela (65 cm), then SID Zera (62 cm) and YID Harin (59 cm).  This is the old YID.  The new ones will have a different body type (58.7 cm), as well as new faces.  In the front row we have BID Erzulie (26 cm) and JID Tania (43 cm).  Poor little Erzulie looks like she has wandered into the Land of Giants.

Harin looks a wee bit shorter next to the larger girls because I have not yet put on her high heel feet.  In the photo, she and Erzulie are the only ones not wearing heels.  All of the girls are standing on similar doll stands to keep their heights consistent.

I received a clothing order from Iplehouse this weekend, so in the photo Zera can be seen wearing a new red sweater with dark leggings.  The website said "black" but they are closer to brown.  The white thing at her waist is not a belt -- it's the doll stand, which is holding her sideways.

Barahan also has a new outfit, complete with a new wig.  (The wig is a Kana from Jpopdolls.)  I thought I would show him (65 cm) next to BID Byuri (26 cm).  Biyuri needed to climb on a chair in order to be in the same photo as his Dad.  The little guy is wearing a bomber cap with goggles.  Thinking it wouldn't fit over a wig, I photographed it without one, but it ended up loose.  Next time I'll put a wig on under it.

Last but not least, Jamie (Claude) also has a new wig to wear with the new shirt that I believe I previewed here recently.  His wig is also a Kana from Jpopdolls.  I like these wigs better than the Iplehouse wigs for the boys.  The hair is softer and easier to style.  The IH wigs tend to be stiff and unmanageable.

Shane also has a new outfit, but I will keep you in suspense a little longer. I want to make a dress for Carleen (Lahela) to complement it. Without a sewing machine, that will not happen this week.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Carleen Tries on Wigs (Iplehouse Lahela EID)

I had a request to show more pics of Carleen.  That's a request I am more than happy to honor, especially as I spent some time yesterday trying different wigs on her.

Carleen is a normal skin Lahela with the type B faceup.  So far I can't show her in any clothing other than what she is wearing, because she cannot fit into anything else I have.  I need to make her a dress so that I can continue the story I began with her box opening.  The boys have new clothes, so Carleen needs to match.  But that's another post.

This post is about wigs.  Here is another look at a wig I showed yesterday:  Winter Angel in Dark Chocolate, from Jpopdolls.  I love the wild tangle of it, especially with the safari look of her vest and hat.  I am so glad I changed her eyes.  The pale blue Eyeco eyes were 11 mm and didn't really suit her.  The Starlit Blue Eyecos are 13 mm and are a much better fit.

The wig above is from Leekeworld.  As sold by Denver Doll it's called Sandy, and the color is sandy brown.  It looks blonde in this photo.

This one is from Iplehouse.  The model is IHW-M013 and the color is #15 (milk brown).  I'm not sure I love this wig on any of my dolls.  Every once in a while I'll try it on a doll and then consign it to the bottom of the size 8/9 wig bin again.  It probably looks best on Elfdoll Sooah.

I bought another color of this wig for Carleen and ended up not using it.  It's called Glamour, from Jpopdolls.  The new one is an 8/9 (you can see it on Kaye Wiggs' Nelly in the previous post), while this is a 7/8 that I bought a while back for Elfdoll Hazy.  I've misplaced the tag, so I can't say what the color is called.  I was surprised to see that it fits Carleen, but then Jpopdolls wigs are a bit stretchy and tend to fit heads a little larger than their stated size.

This is a Monique Gold J-Rock in Golden Auburn.  I've had it forever.  It was one of the first wigs I bought for Elfdoll Sooah, who was the first large bjd I acquired.  It looks a bit more golden brown than auburn to me.  I like it on Carleen, but not as much as the Winter Angel above.

I stored this wig in the wrong bag but even so I can tell it's a Kana Waves from Jpopdolls.  The color is Rose Gold, just to show how Carleen looks as a redhead.  These last three photos show Carleen with the smaller Eyeco eyes, as well as her two suitors, Jamie and Shane.

One last wig, because I have to show her as a pale blonde.  This one is from Iplehouse.  IHW-M031 is an older wig they no longer sell; the color is #KB88 blonde.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing Carleen in different wigs as much as she has enjoyed trying them on.  I think I like her best in the Winter Angel in the first photo, because it's the only wig that reveals her entire face.

All of the above wigs are size 8/9 except for the Glamour, which is a 7/8.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Pink Dress Re-Created

I just couldn't let it sit there.  Not with Nelly looking at me with her sad eyes as if to say, "You were going to make me a dress."  So, I picked apart the pink dress at the waist (might as well save the part of it that works) and remade the top.

I was extremely careful this time to keep my seams to 1/4 inch.  Even so, the dress was a tight squeeze when finished.  Part of this may be due to the fact that the pattern (Petit Nuage, by MHD Designs) was designed for the MSD size Kaye Wiggs girls and I was fitting it to Kaye's SD size girl.  It is designed to be quite long on MSDs, so I knew the length would work for Nelly.

Now that I have a dress that fits, I can go ahead and make the rest of the outfit:  the short coat, hat and purse.  Nelly may not show her pleasure, but she is very, very pleased.

Nelly also has a new wig.  It's a Glamour Light from Jpopdolls.  I bought this one for Carleen, but it came down too low over her eyes, so I gave Carleen the Winter Angel Dark Chocolate (also Jpopdolls) that I bought for Nelly.  Carleen is also wearing new 13 mm Eyeco eyes in Starlit Blue.  The 11 mm eyes she had on in the previous set of photos were a bit too small.

While I was at it, I took the outfit Nelly had been wearing (Sweet Jane, by Adams-Harris Patterns) and tried it on Harin.  I knew it would fit, of course, because the pattern was designed on IpleHouse YID Sylvia.  I just wanted to see it on her.  She certainly fills out the blouse more than Nelly did!

I came across the backdrop while I was sorting things in preparation for my move.  I did iron it, but it has been folded for so long I can't get the creases completely out.  It will make a wonderful background "world" for my Realpukis when they arrive.  One more payment to go, then fingers crossed that they get here before I pick up and move.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iplehouse YID Harin Arrives

I have been trying to post this box opening to Den of Angels for three consecutive nights.  It's the usual story.  I enter a couple of photos and then the system crashes.  Tonight it crashed on the very first photo.  Enough!  I know when I'm licked.  I'm posting it here.

Harin is one of the sculpts that I always liked, yet never got around to buying.  I finally bought her when Iple House announced the end of the YID line.  They made it sound like the YIDs were going away forever, yet the first of the redesigned bodies should be rolling out at the end of this month.  It sounds like they will be compatible with existing SID and EID heads, but not with the old YID heads.  So before the old sculpts went away for good, I ordered a boy, Mars (aka Grant, who arrived a few weeks ago) and a girl, Harin (who arrived this week).  Harin has not yet revealed to me what her name will be.  We're working on it. 

This is the carrier bag that the YIDs arrived in.  I’m glad to have it, because it will make travel to doll meet-ups easier and safer.  It probably won't fit the largest dolls, but it will work for the Elfdolls, the OasisDoll, and my largest Kaye Wiggs girl.  I bought the next size up to accommodate the big guys and girls.  The smaller dolls are easier to carry.

 Along with the doll I ordered a wig, two pairs of shoes, and clothing.  Actually, I needed none of these things, because YID Harin is a standard size who can wear many of the things I already have.  And the denim skirt that came with the white blouse is extremely short.  I had to find her some underpants, because as soon as she sat down I could see all the way to forever!

I ordered Harin in white skin and she shipped with brown eyes.  Normally my dolls don't wear brown eyes.  It's just a preference of mine.  Harin is no exception.  After I took her initial photos, I searched my eye box for another color. 

Here she is with Grant wearing blue eyes from SoulDoll.  I almost think I like the brown eyes better.  I will probably go digging through my stash this weekend to see what else looks good on her.  She looks great in some of my other wigs.  I just haven't photographed them yet.

Her style is different from Iple’s other dolls.  In a way, she resembles other bjds more than Iples.  I don’t know if she was especially loosely strung, or if all Iple YIDs were strung this loosely.  She didn’t stand out of the box, even in flat feet.  I have not yet tried her heel feet.  Her flat feet did fit into a pair of DollHeart shoes that I bought a few years ago.  No one else can get into them.  I knew if I kept them, a doll would come along who could wear them.  (After that big a build-up I should have a shoe photo, but I find I didn't take any.  Another project for the weekend.)

One more photo of the lovebirds before I call it a day.  This dress/jumper was actually designed for IpleHouse YIDs.  It's the Annabella pattern, from Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  I made this one for Elfdoll Sooah.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Dress That No One Can Wear

What do you do when the dress you labored over all weekend doesn't fit the intended doll?  That is the question.  Never mind that it took me almost three weekends to cut out all the pattern pieces:  dress, dress lining, coat, coat lining, hat, hat lining, purse, purse lining.  The bodice of the dress and the bodice of the coat are each made up of a million little pieces of fabric.  (I exaggerate, but you get the idea.)  Very. Labor. Intensive.

I always wondered how one of these balloon skirts comes together.
It's easy:  the lining is shorter and narrower than the skirt itself.
You gather the skirt top and bottom to fit the lining.

The pattern is Petit Nuage, by MHD Designs.  This version is for Kaye Wiggs 18-inch girls such as Layla (my Brooke).  I was hoping that it would also fit Kay Wiggs' Nelly, who is taller but is similarly sized on top.  I figured the fullness of the skirt would accommodate her wider hips.  Well, I figured wrong.  If correctly made, I'm pretty sure the dress would fit both Brooke and Nelly.  The problem is the lower bodice.  It is made up of seven panels--not a problem if one sews the seams no wider than the recommended quarter inch.  Unfortunately, I may start out sewing one-quarter inch seams, but they soon morph into three-eighths inch seams.  In no time at all the bodice is narrower than it was intended to be.

It doesn't fit anyone.  Maybe I'll frame it.

Not a problem, I thought after trying it on Brooke.  The Iplehouse JID girls are similarly sized.  Maybe it will fit them.  Nope.  I resumed sewing, reasoning that the finished dress was bound to fit Soulkid Linn.  Not a chance.  Her butt was too big.  Narae?  Well, it fit over her butt, but the bodice was too big.  There was no point trying it on U-noa Lusis, because her shoulders are too narrow.  The bodice would simply fall off.

I ran out of time before sewing the coat, hat and purse.  Far from being discouraged, I figure if I can sew the coat to size, I can make another dress to go with it.  And I'll keep the dress that no one can wear as a constant reminder to Keep. My. Seams. Narrow.

Humphrey Rolls Shirt, by Iplehouse.  I wonder why
they didn't use smaller buttons?  These are out of scale
for a shirt.
And now, because this blog post is shorter than my usual entry, I will share with you Jamie's (Iplehouse SID Claude's) new shirt, which thankfully I did not sew.  It's called a Humphrey Rolls Shirt--presumably because the shirt sleeves can be rolled up.  I'm confused by the presence of the button on the upper sleeve.  Is it decorative, or is it supposed to hold up the rolled sleeve?  I'll have to look on the Iplehouse site to see how they handled it.  The button placket and the inside collar are lined with a Burberry plaid.  It's a nice touch, if only you could see it.  I left his top button undone, hoping the lining would show a little.  What I really wanted to do was put Jamie in the black tee shirt with the Humphrey shirt left unbuttoned over it.  When I didn't find it, I realized Grant (YID Mars) is wearing it.  Tsk, boys!

You can barely see the peek-a-boo lining.
Sepia wig by Iplehouse.

Next week I hope to blog about YID Harin, who is spending Sunday at the Post Office until I can ransom her tomorrow or Tuesday.  I have no "attempted delivery" slip, but the USPS.com website shows she arrived at and left Burlington on Saturday afternoon.  They'd better not tell me that they attempted delivery yesterday, because I stayed home most of the day waiting and the carrier never came.

Iplehouse has released photos of their reimagined and redesigned YID girl body.  I think I like her, but I hope they will make her available with a smaller bust.  As it stands now, she is built like a Playboy bunny.  It's a bit too much physique for a young teen.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Iplehouse Lahela, EID

I tried to post this box opening to Den of Angels for the better part of a half-hour.  I don't know if the problem is with DoA, with Photobucket or with my computer, but every time I add a second photo, the site freezes up on me.  I figure if I can't post it to DoA, I'll post it here.

Although Lahela arrived nearly a week ago, I couldn’t show her off until she was fully dressed.  That’s why the first part of this box opening (photographed the evening of her arrival) stops short of revealing her in all her glory.  But first I enlisted some help to get the box open…

“That’s a big knife, Jamie.”

“It’s a big box.  Besides which, I know who’s inside.  She belongs to me, so back off, cowboy.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“She was promised to me.  End of story.”

“We’ll see about that.  She may prefer me to you, you know.”

"Prefer you?  That's rich!"

"Need I remind you that I am the law around here?"

Boys, just open the box, okay?

“Yes, Ma’am.”
“You think you could lend a hand, Evgeny?  This thing is heavy.”

“Be glad to.  Just leave me out of the whole she’ll-prefer-me thing, okay?”

“Easy for you to say.  Your woman is already here.”

“Not my fault, man.  Blame the factory.”

“Ooh, nice stuff.  I see a vest, boots, a wig, a purse.  Some other stuff with the vest.  But no dress, skirt, or trousers.  She’s going to be cold, especially in this climate…”

Don’t worry, Zofia.  I plan to make her a skirt.  I had to make sure of the color first.

“Oh…  She’s beautiful!”

 A week later, Lahela's skirt is finished.  I'm afraid it's a bit schizophrenic--can't decide if it's Western wear or going on safari.  And another thing:  Lahela has revealed her name to me.  It's Carleen.  No other doll has ever stepped out of the box demanding to be called by name.  I don't know where it came from.  She looked at me and I looked at her and I just knew.  Weird, isn't it?

“Hello, Ma’am.  My name is Shane.  I’m the Sheriff in these parts.”

“You can call me Carleen.  I’ve never met a Sheriff before.”

“I am very pleased to meet you, Miss Carleen.”  Very, very pleased.  Oh man, she is way too beautiful to fall for Jamie.  Please, please let her fall for me.

He's very handsome.  I could easily fall for a guy like him

“Jamie the fair and wonderful, at your service, my dear.  You need look no further, because your knight in shining armor is here.”

Is he for real?  “I’m Carleen.”  Where’s the Sheriff when you need him?

 Maybe if I disguise myself as a blonde, he’ll think I’m someone else and go away.

 I can’t get that sexy Sheriff out of my mind.  What am I to do?

Two beaux.  There are  worse predicaments for a girl to be in.  The Sheriff is my kind of guy, handsome and sweet, but maybe a little too serious.  Perhaps I should give the other one a chance.  It was a wretched pick-up line, but he’s really cute, in a goofy kind of way.

 All wigs by Iplehouse.  Outfits by Iplehouse, with the exception of the men's tee shirts and Carleen's skirt (patterns by Adams Harris).  Accessories, shoes and boots by Iplehouse.  Eyeco eyes.