Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wigging Shane

Part of the fun of owning BJDs is changing their wigs.  A couple of weeks ago, when Shane arrived, I was too caught up in the drama of his arrival to do anything but get him dressed and photographed in his full-set, which included a dark red wig.  It's a lovely wig and really suits him, but how would he look in other colors?  What does he look like wearing no wig at all?

Shane full view

I don't usually show my dolls in their unwigged state.  No matter how lifelike a sculpt may be, there is nothing like the telltale line between the head and the headcap to dispel the illusion.  The only reason I mention this is because I had a request to show Shane without a wig.  There is perfectly good logic behind the request.  Unless they have been trimmed or else styled with gel or hairspray, many wigs tend to obscure a good part of a doll's face.  Sometimes, the best way to evaluate a sculpt is simply to see the doll without hair.

Shane profile

Viewed from the front, Iplehouse SID heads are narrow.  They are wider in profile.  Their proportions mimic the human skull, which may be disconcerting to collectors accustomed to traditional (i.e., round) doll heads. 

Claude full view

While I was at it, I thought it might be interesting to compare the Shane sculpt with the Claude sculpt.  Both are extremely handsome heads.  How are they alike?  How do they differ?  The major difference, of course, is that Claude is smiling.  It's not a broad smile.  The corners of his mouth turn up ever so slightly and if you look closely, his eyes are smiling, too.  Depending on the faceup, his smile can look gentle or it can look like a smirk. 

Claude profile

Shane's mouth has a slight downward turn.  At first I thought he looked merely grim and determined, as befits a Sheriff; now I think perhaps he looks a little sad.  Again, it may depend on the faceup.  The newly released basic edition Shane has been faced-up using two new color palettes.  Each gives him a slightly different expression.

Both heads have a straight nose.  Claude's nose turns up slightly at the end; Shane's doesn't.  They have similar jawlines.  I would mention a similarity in their eyebrows, but those are painted on and not part of the sculpt.

Enough pontificating.  Let's get on with the wigs:

Here is Shane is a sweet baby blonde known as KB88.
All wigs on this page by Iplehouse.

The color of this one is milk brown.

The man in black.  Not bad.  On the other hand,
Barahan's charcoal gray wig did not suit him.

Claude's default wig in goldenrod.  I like it on Shane.

Claude wearing Shane's default red wig.
Pretty Sherrif has decided to stay blonde for a while.

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  1. I love your detailed comparison of the heads, faceups and wigs. Shane is quite the sexy sheriff in his wavy blonde wig!