Saturday, February 18, 2012

There's a New Boy In the House (Iplehouse Mars)

I must admit, Mars was never on my must-have list.  Whenever I cruised the YID (Young Iplehouse Doll) pages of Iple's website, my eyes always went to Barron and Ryushin with their more exotic looks, never to the more ordinary looking Mars.  He was good looking, but not a show stopper.  My plans were to add one or two YID boys to my doll family, and at least one YID girl.  Because they were basic dolls, I felt no sense of urgency to buy them, so when Iplehouse began offering one fascinating new sculpt after another in other sizes (BID, JID, SID, EID), mentally I put the YIDs on the back burner and all but forgot about them.

This is Mars.  Here at Resin Corner he will be known as Grant.
(Wig by Iplehouse.)
All that changed in December 2011, when Iplehouse announced the end of the line for the YIDs.  They would sell the dolls through January 2012, after which the sculpts would go away forever.  Talk about miserable timing!  I had already committed to two irresistable limited editions:  Shane and Zera.  At the same time that those were offered, Iple ran a Christmas special where they brought back the dolls in the Elemental Guardian series for a limited time.  I couldn't help myself:  I ordered Lahela.  (She has not yet arrived.)  They introduced some new BIDs in adorable snowboarding outfits. (I resisted those.)  And now the end of the YID line.  Ignoring my wallet's protests, I ordered one boy (Mars) and one girl (Harin).  Mars arrived this week.  I have only just paid off Harin's layaway, so there is no telling when she will come.  Soon, I hope.

Grant shows off cargo pants and a sleeveless tee from Iplehouse.
(Wig and shoes by Iplehouse)
Why Mars?  Why not Barron or Ryushin?  Iplehouse has been running a feature about some of their new sculpts entitled How Were You Born?  Mars, it appears, was the inspiration behind the SID Claude sculpt.  I have Claude (my Jamie) and so it seemed only natural to add his younger brother to the family.

So much shimmering blondness made the camera's light meter go a little crazy.
(Grant's wig by Leekeworld; Jamie's wig by Iplehouse.)
Now that I see them together, I am not convinced that there is all that much family resemblance. As far as I am concerned, Shane resembles Mars as much as Jamie does.  I wonder if the resemblance might be more evident if Mars were face-upped in the same style as the larger dolls?  The lad wears entirely too much eye makeup.  I'd like to see him painted with more restraint.  Maybe one day I'll redo him.  For now, I am content to leave it alone and go along with Iple's conceit that Mars is a teenage model.  After all, I did order him with the model body instead of the muscle body.

"Smile when you call me Red."
(Grant's wig by Leekeworld; Shane's wig by Iplehouse.)
At 63 cm, Mars is nearly as tall as the 65 cm SIDs, but there the resemblance ends.  His body is slight and less developed.  It is obvious that he is meant to represent a teen.  Even so, he is quite a bit taller than my other dolls in the same supposed age group.  I expect Harin will be a little shorter.  Iple generally makes its male dolls proportionately taller than their female counterparts, except for the little BIDs.  I'm not sure about the JIDs, because I have only girls in that size.  (Don't tell me I need to order one.  Counting the two dolls not yet received, my Iple family has reached an even dozen!)

Elfdoll Sooah's wig by Iplehouse; Grant's wig by Leekeworld.
Word is spreading on Den of Angels that Iplehouse is about to introduce a new YID line.  Speculation abounds.  Will the bodies be smaller?  Will the sculpts represent younger versions of some of the EID dolls?  There is precedent for this:  Iple produced both an EID and JID Asa.  I, for one, would like to see smaller versions of the EID males, because they are just too big for me to collect.  Female EIDs are the same height as male SIDs and more slender, so they don't feel so daunting.  But that's just my opinion.  Whatever Iple produces in the way of YIDs, I am sure I will be buying one.  Or two.  Or three.  You get the picture.

Grant and Grayson (aka Yi Feng) clowning.
Grant's wig by Iplehouse; Grayson's wig by Jpopdolls.

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  1. When you change their wigs, you have a totally different doll. Great photos! Great clothes choices too.