Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not Another New Doll! Kaye Wiggs Fair Skin Human Nelly

--How does she do it?  It's an endless stream of incoming dolls!

In case anyone is wondering how I can afford to keep buying dolls, a number of recent arrivals were funded by the departures of others. Those dolls who have found new homes over the past several months include Limhwa Luna, Limhwa To You Sara, Unidoll Anthony, Rosette Marguerite, Supia Yisol, Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jasmine, and Dream of Doll Twing-key. Not that any of them were unloved, only that they either did not quite fit into the collection or else did not speak to me on a personal and creative level. Currently listed on DoA’s Marketplace are Planetdoll Emma (I think I have a buyer), Souldoll Ahee (ditto, but for the body only), and Souldoll L-Heart. I will soon be adding Limhwa Limho Mono (tan version) and an Island Doll 41 cm girl body to the Marketplace.  I'm torn, but Bambicrony Toto may be joining them.

--So who's the new girl?  How did she come to join the family?

A week ago I received an email notice that extra Nelly dolls would be sold on the Jpopdolls website at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time that very day.  That's 9:00 p.m. my time, and it was already 8:30 when I saw the message.  I usually miss these special sales.  Either I look in too late or I forget to look at all.  This time, with only a half-hour to go, I determined to be at my computer at 9:00 on the dot, even if it meant cutting short a telephone conversation.  (Sorry, Cheryl!)

Nelly wearing Sweet Jane pattern from Adams-Harris.
Her lemon yellow wig is from Custom House.
Normal procedure for selling the Kaye Wiggs cuties is for Jpopdolls to take pre-orders for a set time period.  The dolls are manufactured in Asia, a process that takes several months, and returned to Jpopdolls for distribution.  In addition to the pre-ordered dolls, the factory usually sends a few extras.  Some of these are auctioned in support of good causes, others are put up for sale at an announced time.  That is how I bought my Nelly.

Nelly's glass eyes look almost gray here, but they are a lovely light purple.
The eyelashes are way too long.  I'm going to have to change them.  I don't
love the shape of this wig on her but the color is good.  (Hiroki, from Jpopdolls.)
In order to ensure that only one doll goes to a customer, the Jpopdolls site makes it impossible for a buyer to return to the Nelly page after placing the order.  At least, that's how I explain the fact that I was not able to re-open the page.  Not that I wanted to order a second doll.  I only wanted to copy her measurements so I could get started looking for clothes.  I had to go to The Resin Cafe, the online forum devoted to Kaye Wiggs dolls, in order to find Nelly's statistics.

Nelly's long wig is Jrock from Monique Gold.
Layla is wearing Jpopdolls' Kye.  The tulle
petticoat is meant to hang below the skirt.
And what a strange assemblage of statistics they are!  Nelly stands 53cm tall with human feet (55cm if purchased as a faun with hooves), which places her in between MSD and SD sizes.  Her bust measures 19.5cm, waist 17cm, and hips 26.5cm.  Undressed she looks pear-shaped, small on top and larger at the bottom.  By comparison, 45cm Layla's measurements are:  bust 19cm, waist 15.5cm, hips 20.5cm.  Except for the length (Nelly has longer legs), both girls can wear some of the same clothes, so long as skirts are full to accommodate Nelly's hips and derriere.

Oh-oh!  Somebody pulled the old switcheroo.  Now it's Nelly
wearing Kye and Layla in the Custom House lemon yellow.
Bonus: the elf ears keep the hair out of her face.
I have begun sewing a dress designed for Kaye's 45cm girls.  I'm hoping it will fit Nelly.  If not, Layla will have it.  Right now I have Nelly in an outfit called Sweet Jane from Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  It was designed for Iplehouse YID Sylvia, a taller, curvier doll.  It's not a bad fit.  The blouse is loose in the bust but fits at the waist.  The skirt and skirted vest, the one full and the other flared, accommodate her hips with ease.  Finding shoes was a different story.  Nelly's feet are wide with big toes.  In the end, I came up with only one pair of shoes that fit.  They were not made for BJDs and don't have much of a sole.  She can barely stand in them.  She can squeeze into my DollHeart shoes, but I am afraid she will stretch them until they no longer fit the Elfgirls.  The hunt is on for pretty shoes that fit and support.

Looking a little bit like Planetdoll Emma here.  I should
have kept Emma-- she would have fit right in with Kaye's girls.
We tried on a variety of wigs, some size 7-8 and some 8-9.  Her head measures 8.25 inches (21cm) so 7-8 will fit only if the wig cap is stretchy.  Some 8-9 wigs, such as Kye, are too loose and require a wig cap to keep them from falling off.  After trying on several of each size, Nelly appropriated Layla's Kye wig from Jpopdolls and Layla settled for the lemon yellow wig from Custom House.  Judging from Layla's expression, she is not best pleased.  I had to appease them both by promising an online wig shopping spree one day soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2012:

Nelly has a new wig from Jpopdolls.  It's called Winter Angel and the color is Dark Chocolate.  Now Layla has her Kye back and both girls are happy.  Nelly also has new shoes, made just for her, from Jpopdolls.


  1. Congratulations! She is really cute!!

  2. Nelly is a beautiful girl! Congratulations! I wonder what wigs you'll decide they each get to wear.

  3. Endless stream of incoming dolls is right! You are my hero.