Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spotlight on PukiFee Zoe

Have you ever noticed how some dolls grab the spotlight and refuse to let go?  Shy little Zoe is not one of them.  I haven't written much or often about Zoe since her arrival.  I also haven't sewn many outfits for her, mostly because there are few patterns available for such a small doll.  This weekend I decided to celebrate my little PukiFee, because in a few months she is going to have some even smaller sisters and even a brother. 

Zoe:  "Smaller than me?"

Yes, I have succumbed to RealPuki madness.  Fairyland is running a 10th Anniversary event featuring some new RealPukis along with some old favorites.  I will finally have my own little Soso!  And also KaKa and the new PuPu.  (Such unfortunate names -- the last two sound like what baby does in its diaper.)  But I digress.  This post is Zoe's.

I spent all weekend making little things for her, not all of them successful.  I wanted to make her a long-sleeve tee shirt and a pair of pants.  I knew exactly which combination of fabrics I wanted to use.  As I was rooting through my scrap bin for small pieces of those fabrics, I came across a discarded project from sometime back.  The fabric came from a pair of socks that I had purchased because of their tiny print.  I had used most of it for a sweater that ended up not fitting anyone, not even skinny Tamsin.  There were a few scraps left over, more than enough for little Zoe.  A bit too heavy for a tee shirt, it would have to be a sweater, but then I decided it was long enough to be a short dress, and finally I cut it up the front to make a mini-romper.  It was a lot of work, all of it by hand because the piece was too small for my sewing maching.   At some point in the sewing the armholes stretched.  And I didn't give her enough room in the crotch.  After spending most of Saturday afternoon on it, I felt too discouraged even to sew a snap set on the back.  There is enough sock left to try again.  It's such a cute print, I don't want to have to throw it all away.

What is Mommy making with this big ball of yarn?
(Trying to make a wig -- or maybe a hat.)
Then I decided to make a pair of pink bloomers and a top to go over them.  Because she already has short pink bloomers (from the one outfit I bought for her) I decided these should be long bloomers.  They came out rather full and not quite long enough.  Arrrgh!  Frustration!  The top, at least, makes a cute little dress.  I used the bodice and skirt pattern pieces from the Anchors Away pattern by My Own Little World.  Instead of pleating the skirt, I gathered it.  I also omitted the sailor collar, because I wasn't after a nautical look this time.  (I will be revisiting this pattern when my RealPukis arrive, because theirs is one of the sizes included in it.)

Zoe's new top made by me.
Short pink bloomers from Fairyland.
PukiFee bow shoes sold by Denver Doll.

Round about now I remembered that Anastasia (Iplehouse JID Asa) has a new dress that I have photographed but not discussed.  I made it from a gray knit fabric that has rows of ruffled tiers built in.  It was a quick, easy dress to make, with absolutely no pattern.  I decided to make one for Zoe, too, except that hers turned into a skirt and top.  I simply cut a small rectangle encompassing two tiers of ruffles, folded over the top and sewed a casing to carry a one-eighth inch elastic, added a snap set to the back and voila.  I didn't even have to hem it!  The top was another small rectangle, cut from a single tier of ruffle, folded over at the top to make a neat edge, with a snap set at the back.  Both girls were happy to pose for photos in their (almost) matching outfits.

I haven't forgotten that initially I meant to sew a tee shirt and pants for Zoe.  I'm going to do it the right way this time, and reduce a pattern for LittleFees so that I have actual pattern pieces to work with.  The wig/hat, on the other hand, is a make-it-up-as-I-go project.  We'll just have to see what comes of it.

Zoe's wig is K-004 in Baby Pink from LeekeWorld (made by DollGa)
Anastasia's wig is WS-106 in Baby Brown from Leeke World (DollGa)
Anastasia's white boots from Iplehouse


  1. I love the photos. Honestly I'm still giggling about KaKa and PuPu. :-)

  2. I have had the same problem with patterns for Lati Yellow. I ended up doing a spreadsheet that listed doll measurements to figure out which dolls that had a lot of patterns had similar body measurements as larger dolls. Lati Yellow fits pukifee clothes. According to my math analysis, she can wear tops and dresses in a kish Riley pattern at 85% without losing much of the seam allowance. Ann Estelle patterns should work at about 63% for pants, shorts, and skirts if you add a few percentage points for seam allowance. I am a terrible at sewing, so I have to have a pattern. I am going to try my math work and see if it fits.