Sunday, January 15, 2012

Only-Doll YiFeng: It's All Iple's Fault

I bought YiFeng for all the wrong reasons:  he was relatively inexpensive, he was in-stock and I needed some instant gratification while waiting for my next Iplehouse doll to arrive.  (They are experiencing a backup on dolls requiring faceups.  This is adding a month-and-a-half to two months to the wait time for a new doll.)

Only-Doll is a Chinese doll company that markets its dolls in the US through dealer Mint on Card.  They are attractive dolls, well-made, and with some beautiful (and also well-made) costumes.  I ordered YiFeng, a 61 cm boy doll, hoping his aesthetic would mesh with that of my Rainy Elfdolls.  Rainman's girls look less than realistic when standing next to my Iplehouse SID guys.  I thought they deserved a guy who looked a little more like them.  In that at least I succeeded.

Outer box.  I was curious to see how the label underneath mine was addressed.
It was made out to the store, from an apparent distributor.

Before shipping, I asked Mint on Card if they could provide a photo of his faceup.  This is something they advocate on their website, on the grounds that actual faceups can vary from the dolls' promotional photos.  When I saw the photo, I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  First of all, the head had no wig, so it immediately looked different from the promo photos.  Secondly, the eyes were a different color.  And third, I thought the lip color looked odd.  Ignoring my misgivings, I told them to go ahead and send him.

Fancy inner box and lace-covered pillow.

He arrived within two days (shipped on Wednesday and delivered on Friday) -- and that despite a storm that dropped icy snow on this part of the country.  I waited until Saturday to open the box, however, so that I could photograph the opening by daylight.

Lots of treasures, individually bagged.

The outfit was packaged in several plastic bags.  It consists of long full white pants with brocade cuffs that lace up the sides; a plain white inner kimono; a blue floral outer kimono with brocade trim and laces on the sides; an obi belt; a beaded necklace and brocade boots.  There is also a long blue wig tied with a blue cord that matches those on the pants and kimono and decorated with a beaded hair ornament.  I am not a fan of blue hair, but the ensemble is very nice indeed. 

Costume parts (and a gift stuffed panda) on top; the doll
lies underneath.
I am having a problem with the pants and boots.  When the pant cuffs are laced, I can't get the boots to zip over them.  If I put the boots on first, the cuffs lace up but with a large gap.  Also, he does not stand well in the boots.  I have put him in a pair of flat shoes that were supposed to fit the Elfgirls.  They were too big for the girls. They are snug on YiFeng, and no more girly than the rest of his ensemble.
The costume unwrapped.

YiFeng himself stood solidly straight out of the box.  His balance is good.  His arms, however, are a bit too tightly strung so he has a tendency to hug himself.  Thanks to the double-jointed elbows, he can hold a pose in spite of the tight elastic.

Standing unsupported -- and on a carpet!

In person, the faceup was a disappointment.  Apart from the black eyeliner, it is done entirely in one color -- a coppery brown.  I am not a fan of the current fashion in doll lip coloring whereby the color is concentrated in the center of the mouth.  It reminds me of the exaggerated lip treatment you see on geisha girls.  On the one hand, I hate to remove a faceup when I have paid to have it done.  On the other hand, if I don't like it I should either redo it or pay someone else do it for me.  Doing it myself is out of the question until the weather warms up.  I always go outside to spray the MSC so as not to breathe the fumes.  Right now the spray would probably freeze on contact with the cold air.  I have too little of it left to risk squandering what remains.  Given the cold weather, I hesitate to order more in case it is delivered when I am not home and left to freeze on the front porch.

YiFeng wearing the default blue wig and a pair of
forest green glass eyes from my stash.

Apart from the actual faceup, I find the eyelashes are too full and too curly for my taste, as well as being the same coppery color as the face paint.  That's a relatively easy fix, especially as the eyelashes are already loose enough to fall off.  Some doll owners prefer no eyelashes at all on their male dolls.  I do like eyelashes, but I prefer more realism in their appearance.  The eyes, too, are "off" in their proportions.  He arrived with 18 mm eyes -- the biggest of any doll I have yet owned.  The irises were so huge that there was almost no white showing.  This gives a doll the look of a child.  I prefer smaller irises and a more mature look.  That was easy to do as I already had a small stash of 16 mm eyes in both glass and acrylic.  I am still playing with different colors.  I can't decide if I like a darker eye or a lighter eye.

YiFeng in the Dollzone Silverado wig and a pair
of pale blue glass eyes from my stash.

It's nice finally to have a doll that can wear the Dollzone Silverado wig without looking like a caricature of Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy.  I prefer it to the blue wig in every respect.

A look at the full ensemble.  My girls would love to wear that hanfu!
Google Translator tells me that Yi Feng means Lean on the Wind.

Will YiFeng stay, or will he go?  The jury is still deliberating.  I need to dress him in jeans and a tee shirt to see how he looks.  I will make those from a pattern for Iplehouse YID boys.  His measurements are close enough that they should fit.  Then I will reassess.  Sometimes I fear that Iplehouse has spoiled me for any other brand of doll.

Meanwhile, I continue to wait for my Iplehouse orders (SID Shane, SID Zera, EID Lahela, and YID Mars).  With luck they will all be home by May.


  1. I can't believe how fast he got there. Sorry he wasn't "perfect" but he is a great distraction while you wait on your other babies! I think your finished product looks great.

  2. I'm so torn between getting a YiFeng or not. I've had my eye on him for about 4 months now...but I don't know if I'll like him!

    The company photos are gorgeous, but he looks a lot different in your photos, which kinda puts me off. But I still want him... haha!