Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great Pattern for Iplehouse BIDs

It's so nice to have a pattern that works for the Iplehouse babies without having to fuss with all kinds of adjustments.  The pattern is #53 Perfect 10 from Gradefaerie designs, "a wardrobe of separates inspired by original patterns by Charie Wilson".  The package doesn't say anything about BIDs.  The two sizes are for 10.5" Goodreau and Creedy dolls, and 10" LittleFees.  I've had a go at this pattern for three outfits now, one for Julie (BID Erzulie) and two for Yuri (BID Byuri), with mostly positive results.  Knowing that LittleFees are slimmer through the torso, I used the pattern pieces designated for the Goodreau/Creedy dolls.

You may remember my first use of this pattern.  A few months ago I made shorts and a tank top for Yuri.  I was thrilled with the fit and couldn't wait to make him something else.  This time I made the overalls and a long-sleeve tee shirt.  The shirt came out too big.  Not sure if this was due to the pattern or to the fabric I used.  It could be that the fabric stretched as I sewed it.  That has happened to me before with similar ribbed knits.  So for the time being I am not blaming the pattern.  I have some different tee shirt fabrics and will try again.  Luckily his Iplehouse sweater fits under the overalls and is the perfect color to partner the rock-and-roll star print.

The overalls would be a better fit if I had lengthened the overall straps slightly.  As it is, I have to tug the overalls up as far as they will go to meet the snaps.  I like that the back waist is elasticized.  It helps hold the shirt in place and ensures a gap-less fit.  Looking at my photos, I see I forgot to sew a couple of buttons where the straps join the bib.

Julie's dress makes me smile every time I look at it.  I bought the paw-print fabric some time ago, not knowing what I would do with it, only that it was worth holding onto until the perfect project came along.  The dress is a perfect fit.  No alterations needed.  I'll probably make a few more, because every little girl needs a closet full of dresses!

Julie's wig is Elle by Jpopdolls; Yuri's wig from Iplehouse.


  1. Love her dress! I like her as a blonde better but the dark wig suits the overall look much better here!

  2. Love it love it love it! I love both of their outfits but the red dress with paw prints....I'd love to buy that for my niece Laura. The dog is a perfect touch!!!! Beautiful dolls.

  3. Is the dog a Riley by Kish accessory?

  4. Don't think so. It's from The Doll Market, under the category "Furry Animals". I don't know who makes them.