Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doll Meet-up: McKenna's Day Out

"To think I envied Soah when it looked like she was going to the meet-up.  If her new outfit had been finished, she would have gone and I would have stayed here, where it's warm.  I've never been so cold in all my life!  BallJointedWoman made me sit outside to have my picture taken, without a coat, with the wind blowing my hair across my face.  There was snow on the ground.  SNOW!"

McKenna is an Alchemic Lab U-noa Lusis.

"Don't be such a drama queen, McKenna.  It couldn't have been that bad.  Last time, she made me stand in the wet woods, without even a dry place to lean against.  Of course, it wasn't all bad...  Sarah was such a lovely companion.  Was she at the meet-up?"

Jamie is an Iplehouse SID Elemental Guardian Claude

"No.  Nobody named Sarah."

"Anybody I would have liked, then?"

"I seriously doubt it.  The only girl your size had gray skin, red eyes, and fangs dripping blood.  She looked like she wouldn't mind having one of us for dinner." 

Araminthe is a Boy and Girl Doll Snarling Burrysa.  She belongs to ModernWizard.

"A vampire!  I'll bet she didn't mind the cold."

"Maybe, maybe not.  She sure minded the wind, though.  She had to hold onto her hair, same as the rest of us."

"It was hot the day we went out.  BallJointedWoman made us stand in the full sun for some of our pictures.  Didn't the sun make it hot for you?"

Yuri is an Iplehouse BID Elemental Guardian Byuri; Lillibets is a KazeKidz Lillie Tan Elf

"Not nearly hot enough.  Not hot at all, as a matter of fact."

"Were there any littles there?"

"One.  Her name is Logan.  She's very sweet, only she needs some eyebrows."

Logan is an Angel of Dream MiMi.  She belongs to JustKate.

"Don't be a snob McKenna.  Just because your eyebrows are sculpted on."

"When I went to meet-up, I had to perch on a tree limb for my photo.  And I don't like heights!  Was there anyone my size this time?"

My Kaye Wiggs Layla Fair Elf is named Brooke.

"Not exactly your size.  More my size.  She's pretty.  A pity she's too small for Jamie, because she has a great body."

Fairyland Minifee Chloe belongs to Goldi.

"So, Miss Fussy McKenna.  Does all this complaining mean you won't go to meet-up again if you get the chance?"

"Absolutely.  Not until warmer weather, anyway."

Outside in the bitter wind.

We've been to doll meet-ups.  Who will be next...?


  1. Great little story to go along with your meet-up. I hope you had fun, even if it was cold. I haven't been to a meet-up yet. I'm a bit nervous about going to one.

  2. Don't be afraid to go to a meet-up, bearpicnic. Not only does everyone there have a common interest, but you will see dolls in person that you have only read about. My meet-up wasn't all cold and windy, LOL. We spent most of our time inside a comfortable restaurant!

  3. Sorry about the cold and the wind, but hopefully McKenna had some fun anyway - or will at least appreciate them more during warmer weather, hehe. I love going to doll meets! (: Cute story and pictures, thanks for sharing.