Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wigging Evgeny (aka Iplehouse SID Barahan)

November is such a dreary month in the North country.  I waited all Thanksgiving weekend for enough sunshine to get some decent photos, with the sun playing peek-a-boo from behind the clouds when it deigned to appear at all.  Once I thought I had enough light and tried a few shots.  Awful, every last one of them.  Thank goodness for digital cameras:  delete... delete... delete... delete.  No film wasted.

Finally, today--Sunday--the sun came out long enough for me to photograph Evgeny in various wigs.  It was an interesting exercise.  His head is narrower than Jamie's (Iplehouse SID Claude).  Even though they wear the same size wig, the fit is quite different.  All of the wigs seem to fall in Evgeny's eyes--much more so than in Jamie's.  I hate to cut any of them, because I never do a good job.  And unlike real hair, a wig won't grow any longer.  Once it's cut, it's cut.  I waste enough money on wigs without butchering them in the bargain.

Evgeny is wearing Iplehouse's slim fit black tee shirt.  Slim fit?  Try
extremely tight fit.  Although this shirt could fit a much smaller doll,
I like how it defines his muscles.  The black wig, like most of the
others, is from Iplehouse.

Little Yuri (Iplehouse BID Byuri) is quite taken with his Daddy.  I caught them in a tender pose when they thought I wasn't looking.  The gray wig is Barahan's default wig.  I thought I liked it in the website's promotional photos, but I am liking it less the longer I look at him wearing it.  I also tried these photos with Evgeny wearing the black wig (above), which I liked better.  Unfortunately, the scene contained too much black; it activated my camera flash, which washed everything out.

I have yet to take photos of Evgeny and Jamie together.  They are the same size, but there the resemblance ends.  And once Shane arrives, the mix will be even more interesting.  I still can't believe I bought three big male dolls.  I don't like sewing for the guys.  Men's clothes are boring.  Just look at the male SID clothes on Iple's website if you don't believe me.  Black.  Gray.  Brown.  There is a green tank top, a blue-and-orange plaid shirt, and some hip-hop thing with a bit of color, but that's it.  Just black, gray, brown.  And beige.  How could I forget the beige?  I think I bought the black Le Roi Danse outfit primarily because it had a red vest.  I may have to sew something in spite of myself.

This sepia wig looks better on Jamie, in my opinion.  The eyes are
11 mm Platinum Glass from Eyeco.  The color is Morning Sky.

The Lucius Malfoy look (Silverado by
Dollzone) looks better on Evgeny.

Another view of the sepia wig.  I like how the
shadows in this photo show off Evgeny's sculpt.
The light in the previous photos was rather flat.
Iplehouse has announced a December special event wherein all the Elemental Guardians are available again for a limited time.  I had promised myself that I had finished buying dolls for the year, but how can I resist this opportunity to pick up little Naias?  She was initially released at the same time as Byuri.  I didn't feel I could buy two dolls at once, so I chose the latter.  Now Naias is calling to me again.  She's such a cutie.  I can't say no a second time.


  1. I love the pic of Yuri with Evgeny. It's nice to see a boy and his daddy sharing a loving moment.

  2. I agree with bearpicnic. I really like the photo of Yuri with Evgeny. Sorry you only had one good weather day. Maybe I won't tell you that it was sunny and very warm here all weekend. ;-)

  3. Thanks for not telling me you had a sunny and warm weekend, Julie. ;)

    Seriously, I'm happy you both enjoyed the pic of Yuri's and Evgeny's tender moment.