Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tamsin's New Outift

I am still experimenting to see what will fit Tamsin (aka Lagoon by Batchix).  The red mohair pigtail wig was a pleasant surprise, as it is supposed to be a size 6/7 and has been worn by some of my tiny dolls who do indeed wear a 6/7.  For some inexplicable reason, it's a perfect fit on Tamsin, who wears a 5/6.

Her outfit is made up of pieces crafted using three different patterns.  I had already sewn the jacket for U-noa to wear with her jodhpurs.  The cropped jacket pattern by Her Delicate Strength appeared in the February 2009 issue of Haute Doll.  (I sorely miss that publication for its patterns.  So far the Haute Doll that is appended to Doll Reader magazine contains only articles.  Bring back the patterns...Please!)  The jacket always felt too tight for U-noa, so I was delighted to see that it fits Tamsin.  I might even add snaps so that she can close it in front.

There is a similar jacket in the Fashion Forward pattern for Ellowyne designed by Tamara Casey (Designs by Jude).  Fashion Forward inspired the overall look of what Tamsin is wearing.  I used the tank top from that pattern and made a similar skirt.  You really don't need a pattern for a simple gathered skirt.  It's basically a rectangle for the skirt and a smaller rectangle for the waistband.  The wider the rectangle, the fuller the skirt.  I measured her waistline to get a good fit.  I started to make a pin tuck in the skirt as a design element, then decided it would be fun to tuck a piece of lace under the fold instead. 

The leggings came from a surprising source:  Magalie Houle Dawson's Petits Riens pattern for 14 inch Kish Chrysalis Girls.  Tamsin is closer to 15 inches and her body shape is different, but I figured it was worth a try.  Four-way stretch fabric is very forgiving.  The leggings could have been a little longer; if I make another pair I will factor in an extra half-inch.

The Fashion Forward pattern includes a visored hat.  I was tempted to make it, but as usual found myself racing the clock to finish on time.  I needed to take photos and this time of year daylight hours are at a premium.  As it turned out, it rained all day and I ended up with horrible flash photos that cast orange shadows on my background.  I'm kicking myself because Saturday was a beautiful day full of sunshine, so naturally I was out all day and didn't finish the outfit until this morning. 

I'm hoping for sunshine over the long Thanksgiving weekend, so that I can retake the photos from last week's blog post as well as this one.  I have an ulterior motive for redoing last week's photos.  Yesterday while shopping I found a Littlefee-sized sled.  Perfect for Ante to enjoy while wearing her white winter coat. 

P.S.  A reliable source tells me that Iplehouse Barahan has been sighted at JFK airport in New York.  Once he clears Customs he'll wend his way north to join the family at Resin Corner -- just in time for Thanksgiving.

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