Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lagoon by Any Other Name ... Is Tamsin

Lagoon is a ball-jointed resin doll designed by the talented artist known as Batchix.  About 15 inches tall, she is petite and solid at the same time, with a wonderful resin feel and good posing ability.  She is very well proportioned.  In fact, it was photos of Lagoon's body that sold me on her.

My Lagoon (renamed Tamsin) arrived a couple of weeks ago without a faceup.  There were two resin colors to choose from -- normal and white, and two faceups -- light and dark.  Most people who ordered her -- and that includes me -- selected normal resin with the light faceup.  The faceup artist in China erroneously assumed that the light faceup went with the white resin and the dark faceup with the normal resin.  I could have accepted the doll with the dark faceup, but Batchix also offered blank dolls as an alternative, and that is how I came to do Tamsin's faceup myself.

Tamsin wearing Gracefaerie's Play Day.  I made the dress for
Narae; it's a bit big for Tamsin.  Jpopdolls shoes for Unoa.
White blonde wig from Tonner for Evangeline Ghastly.
I didn't take step-by-step photos, because I've done that before with other dolls.  The process was the same, only the results were a little better than usual.  Maybe, if I do enough of them, I'll actually get good at it.  I do wish I had smoothed out the eyebrows before spraying with MSC.  Close-up photography shows them to be somewhat ragged.  And the eyelashes gave me fits.  One side curls up, the other side droops.  I could pull them off and try again, but that sometimes removes some of the eyeliner along with the glue, and I don't want to have to redo it.

Allie wig from Monique Gold.  Faceup by BallJointedWoman.

We tried on a lot of wigs.  For the most part, 6/7s are too big, although I have a couple of 6/7s that run small and do fit.  A wig made for Evangeline Ghastly fits nicely.  I tried it on her just for fun, because I had no idea what size it was.  I don't like the texture of it, but the color and style remind me of an old-time movie star.  Her best wig size is 5/6, which is the same size my Pukifee Zoe wears.  Too bad Zoe's taste in wigs doesn't quite fit Tamsin's personality.

I had heard that Lagoon was smaller than other MSDs, so I wondered if Ellowyne Wilde's clothing would fit.  We tried on a couple of Elloywne's things, although I almost stopped at the very first item.  It was a sweater, and no amount of coaxing would make Tamsin's hand go through Ellowyne's sleeve.  The wrist was simply too tight.  We had better luck with a sleeveless dress that I had made for Goodreau Innuendo from a pattern for Ellowyne by MHD Designs.  Tamsin's waist is smaller than Innuendo's, however, so I had to move the snap in.  I think I will be able to use other patterns designed for Ellowyne, but I will have to alter them as I go.

Above:  Tamsin in a variation on Plaisirs D'Ete by MHD Designs.
Shoes from Goodreau Dolls.

Goodreau Innuendo in the same outfit.  Shoes made to
fit vinyl Innuendo by Dale Rae.

Shoes are also problematic.  Her foot is narrow, so shoes made for most MSDs are too big.  The best fit I found was from shoes designed for Goodreau MSDs.  The problem there is that Goodreau seems to have discontinued that size doll, hence no more shoes.  Luckily I have a few pairs of them, because they also fit Unoa Chibi, the mini Supias, and the newer SoulDoll bodies.  High heels from Jpopdolls (made for Unoa) also fit, although she does not balance as well in heels.

I cut out a dress for Tamsin but didn't get around to sewing it.  (I finished a coat for LittleFee instead.)  The dress will complement the faux suede jacket I originally made for Unoa Lusis.  To my surprise, the jacket was a much better fit on Tamsin.  I can actually add snaps and close it, which I couldn't do with Lusis.  I wonder if the boots will fit?  They were so tight on Lusis that I thought I would have to cut them off her feet in order to remove them.  Must go try them on...

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  1. Great job on the face up! And...all of the shoes are cute. Some day you'll have to show us inside your "closet".