Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Box Opening for Elemental Guardian Barahan

I tried three times to post this to the Den of Angels Box Openings subforum, only to have the site freeze up on me each time.  Out of desperation, I decided to post my opening here.

Barahan arrived at my local Post Office on Monday, November 21st, after what looked like a dizzying ride back and forth between Vermont and New Hampshire, according to the USPS tracking system.  Turns out he never went to New Hampshire.  My local Post Office employs a faulty scanner, which for some reason likes to report that my packages are out for delivery in Manchester, NH.  At least the next time it happens I'll know not to panic.

I ordered Barahan without the Elemental Guardian costume.  One, although I do occasionally produce a period inspired costume, I am not at all into fantasy; and two, I envisioned him as a regular guy.  I also saw in the sculpt a similarity to two other Iplehouse dolls in my collection:  BID Byuri and JID Asa.  Here was the perfect opportunity for them to have a father figure in their lives.

Because I had already given the two smaller dolls Russian names (Yuri and Anastasia), Barahan has become Evgeny.  Here is the story of his arrival.

Yuri:  "That's a really big box.  What do you suppose is in it?"
Anastasia:  "It's your father.  Weren't you paying attention when Ball Jointed Woman told us about him?"
Yuri:  "Yeah, I guess so.  Why did you bring a shirt?"
Anastasia:  "Because he might need something to wear."
Yuri:  (snorts)  "Seems to me what he might want is a pair of pants."

Yuri:  "What does the writing say?"
Anastasia:  "It's our address and some information for Customs."
Yuri:  "What's that funny red-and-white sticker?  Looks like a glass sticking out its tongue.  Except glasses don't have tongues."
Anastasia:  "I think it means what's inside is breakable."
Yuri:  "Whoa!  You mean if somebody dropped the box, Pop could be in there with a broken arm or leg?"
Anastasia:  "Let's hope nothing is broken."

Yuri:  "Look at this stuff!  There's a pair of pants in here.  And the other one looks like hair."
Anastasia:  "We'd better open those.  He'll want both."

Yuri:  "Those are the biggest pants I've ever seen.  He must be a giant!"
Anastasia:  "I think Mr. Jamie could wear these.  He's very big."
Yuri:  "Like I said, a giant."

A layer of bubble wrap, a box lid, and a black foam cushion later:

Evgeny:  (from under a clear plastic face mask)  "It's so bright in here all of a sudden.  Is that the sun?" 

Evgeny:  "Ah, it's good to get up and stretch.  It has been a long voyage.  Who are you?"
Yuri:  "I'm Yuri.  If you're my father, how come you don't know that?"
Evgeny:  "Perhaps it's because I have recently crossed the Sea of Forgetfulness.  Tell me, why does the young lady look away?"
Yuri:  "That's not a lady, that's Anastasia.  Your daughter.  She's embarrassed because you don't have any clothes on."
Evgeny:  "Well, let me remedy that directly."
Anastasia:  "Here is your shirt.  No, don't stand up."

Yuri:  "How tall are you, anyway?"
Evgeny:  "Sixty-five centimeters."
Yuri:  (impressed)  "I'm only a little over ten.  Inches, that is.  What's that in centimeters?"
Anastasia:  "Twenty-five."
Yuri:  (fixated on Evgeny again)  "You're as big as a mountain!"
Evgeny:  "Someday, Yuri, you will be as tall as I am."
Yuri:  "I guess I'll have some big shoes to fill.  If you were wearing any..."

Since these photos were taken, I have changed Evgeny's eyes and wig.  For some reason, nearly every doll I order from Iplehouse comes with the same dark blue eyes.  I think Asa was the only one who came with a different color.  They are a nice blue, but I like variety.  I also like eyes with a smaller iris, because they look more natural.  I bought a black wig in addition to the gray.  I think it suits him better.

New photos will have to wait until the weekend, however, when the sun is supposed to return.  Light from energy saving bulbs is barely adequate for picture taking.  And the camera flash washes out much of the detail.  I need natural light.  More (and better) Evgeny later.


  1. Congratulations! He is beautiful. I really like the size variation between the three of them. They really balance each other out and look great together.

  2. Wow. That's a big box! And a big boy! It's always Christmas at your house!!!!