Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Outfit from Two Patterns (a Skirt and Top for Sooah)

After having had such good luck with the sheath dress from The Patchwork Pansy's pattern #SD67 Just My Style, I started making the skirt and cowl-neck top from the same pattern.  I had the perfect fabrics:  a scrap of red cotton print that was too small to make anything else, and a remnant of a brown fabric (no idea what it is -- probably a silk imposter, i.e., polyester) that picked up one of the colors in the red print.

The skirt came out great.  The cowl-neck is where I lost it.  Everything was going swimmingly until I had to finish off the armhole facings.  All of a sudden, I couldn't turn the garment right-side out again.  I picked the stitches apart, studied the situation, still couldn't figure out how to do it, and ended up fudging it.

Black wig from Iplehouse.  Red shoes
from Monique Trading.

I didn't photograph the finished top.  The cowl didn't droop to my satisfaction, I didn't like the way the sleeves fit, and the garment was snug across Sooah's chest.  I had neither the heart nor enough fabric to start over, so I went to my stack of Haute Doll magazines, looking for the page I had marked with a yellow sticky note:  Elfdoll Halter Top.  The issue was August 2009, the pattern by Susan Rethoret.  I had been wanting to make it for summer but didn't get around to it.  So what if it's now fall?  Somewhere, in some part of the world, it's still warm enough for a summer halter top.

My fabric stash yielded up a yellow cotton that coordinated with the red cotton print.  I pulled out some sheer brown ribbon for straps and a bow on the front, and a bead to dress up the bow.  The halter top is fully lined and fits almost like a corset.  As I worked on it, it occurred to me that a similar top for U-noa Quluts girls that always stretches out of shape when I make it in a knit might work up better in cotton.  I'll have to give it a try.

I finished a second outfit this week:  an adorable pumpkin costume for LittleFees.  As Halloween is only two weeks away, I'm going to save that one until then.

Today I learned that Lagoon, an MSD designed by the talented Batchix, has shipped.  After a factory mix-up over face-ups, she is coming to me blank and I will attempt her face-up myself.  I guess we know what I'll be writing about next week!  Let's hope the week isn't cold and drippy, because MSC (Mr. Super Clear) doesn't behave itself very well in those conditions.  Fingers crossed...

A last look at the finished creation.

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