Sunday, October 2, 2011

OasisDoll Yaoyue and Linglan

I was going to blog about Brooke's new mohair wig this week, but I didn't get around to making it.  The reason for this is because my OasisDoll heads arrived and I decided to make a new dress to celebrate.

"Wait a minute," someone says.  "How can heads wear a dress?"  The dress is for my OasisDoll body, which up until I finished sewing was sporting the Natalie head sculpt.  Now I have two other heads to alternate on that body:  Yaoyue and Linglan.

Here they are.  Yaoyue is on the left, with the partly open mouth.  I have given her green eyes.  Linglan is on the right, with the closed mouth.  She is wearing gray-blue eyes.  Both colors are polyglass eyes from Eyeco.  (Usually I get their soft silicone eyes.)  I love the look of them -- they are very realistic.  The only problem is that the pupil seems to follow the viewer, which can be somewhat disconcerting at times.  From some angles the pupil disappears altogether.  From other angles the doll appears crosseyed.  I don't know -- I may go back to soft silicone.

The fabric is by Kona Bay.  Pattern by The Patchwork Pansy.
For the dresss I tried a new pattern, #SD67 Just My Style by The Patchwork Pansy/Designs by Adeline.  It's the first time I have used her patterns and I am very pleased with the outcome.  I made the sheath dress; the pattern also makes a straight skirt, cowl-neck blouse, short jacket, hat and stockings.  I have a tiny scrap of fabric that I want to make into the skirt.  All I need is a coordinating fabric for the blouse.  I'll be making that one for Sooah.

Linglan wearing the finished sheath dress.
Ecru pumps by Dale Rae. Wig maker unknown.

The pattern calls for lining the bodice of the sheath.  I decided to line the skirt as well.  It gives the skirt more body and a more finished look.  It also hides all the shreddy bits that would otherwise hang below the hem.  For the fabric I chose a freebie that I got from, an online fabric shop for quilters.  I figured that if I ruined the dress, or it didn't fit the OasisDoll body, I wouldn't have wasted expensive fabric.

Yaoyue wearing Hiroki wig by Jpopdolls.  I have changed
her eyes to a hard acrylic by SoulDoll.  I like these because
they show more of the whites of the eyes.
Once the dress was done, I switched heads and we began the new-doll ritual of trying on wigs.  Unfortunately, this has been a rainy weekend (only five minutes of sunshine today, and I was still sewing at the time) so taking photos has been difficult, if not impossible.  I am going to have to take new photos during the week, assuming we come out of our watery doldrums long enough to fill my rooms with sunlight.  Artificial light just doesn't do it.

Linglan tries a white blonde wig from Jpopdolls.
We have moved to the window to get more light.
The girls will need new names.  Linglan especially, as I can never remember if the name is Linglan, Langlin, Linlang or Lanling.  It would be different if I knew what the names meant.  If anyone knows Chinese and would care to leave a comment, I would appreciate it.  Honestly.

Yaoyue wearing an older wig whose maker I don't recall
All I remember is the color:  Korean red.  She likes it.

Linglan wearing the same wig.

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  1. Awesome!

    I hope someone who speaks Chinese will respond. I'd love to know too!