Sunday, October 9, 2011

Elemental Guardian Claude Comes to Resin Corner

My Iplehouse Claude arrived on Friday.  Actually, he arrived on Thursday, but I wasn't home when the carrier came around, so I picked up the package at the Post Office Friday morning.  It was a much bigger box than usual.  Heavy, but not as heavy as I had feared.  I'll bet if I had ordered Claude's knightly accoutrements (costume and armor), the weight would have been phenomenal.  The only extra in my Claude's box was a wig.

26 Inches tall with shoes on.  The color of his Iplehouse
wig is Milk Brown.  It looks great on my Elfdoll girls, too.

While I waited for his arrival I also placed orders for clothes.  I suspected that the clothes I had made for Unidoll Anthony and Souldoll L-Heart would be too small, and they are, although a tee shirt I made for L-Heart almost fits.  I can easily remake it with a vee neck (to go over his head more easily) or snaps down the back.  It's not worth altering the existing tee shirt, because the stripes didn't match front-to-back.  Here's my chance to do it better.  And there is plenty of fabric left.

Easily the best-looking profile in the house.
This is another Iplehouse wig that looks great on the girls.

Claude (who will be known henceforth as Jamie) and I spent part of Saturday trying on wigs, with varying degrees of success.  I was surprised to see that three of my Iplehouse wigs are the exact same style, although in different colors.  I wish their wigs were softer to the touch.  They can be stiff and straw-like.  I am contemplating a wash, followed by a rinse in either fabric softener or hair conditioner.  Anything has to be an improvement.

One of the "straw" wigs.  Actually, this one is not as stiff
as the two lighter colors.  Love the soft leather jacket.

I have been reading on Den of Angels that Iplehouse shoes run small.  I am here to attest that yes, they do run small.  Actually, the brown shoes went on without too much trouble, but both pairs of black shoes were almost too tight to put on.  What makes me mad is that I purchased an outfit called Le Roi Danse that was shown on Iple's website with a pair of white stockings and black shoes.  The stockings come with the outfit.  I bought the shoes separately.  The stockings fit.  The shoes fit, too, but only after a lengthy struggle and only after taking off the stockings.  Let me tell you:  velvet knee-pants look bizarre with bare legs.  I'll have to find a pair of shoes from some other source that will fit his big feet with stockings.

A tender moment with Elfdoll Hazy.  His wig is by
Iplehouse.  Hers is by Jpopdolls.

Another thing that didn't fit was the black jacket to Le Roi Danse.  The outfit has a voluminous shirt, a brocade vest, and a velvet jacket.  Shirt and vest, yes.  Shirt and jacket, no.  The shirt sleeves don't fit inside the jacket sleeves.  For the jacket photos I ended up removing his shirt, so that he is wearing only the vest and tie with the jacket over both.

But enough carping.  Jamie is beautiful.  I ordered him with Face-up B, which is a softer, gentler look than Face-up A.  I think what turned me off Face-up A is that the dark eyebrows contrasting with the blond hair and real skin (a light tan) made him look like a surfer dude.  I went with normal skin, which is a better match with the lighter face-up.

This wig is Silverado by Dollzone.  It's his
Lucius Malfoy look.

I tried to post some of his photos to Den of Angels, only to have the site freeze up on me each and every time I added a second photo.  Finally I gave up.  This post will have to suffice as his box opening.

I have another SID (Senior Iplehouse Doll) on order:  Elemental Guardian Barahan.  Again, I ordered him without the costume.  Barahan looks like BID Byuri all grown up.  They are going to look amazing together.  I figure I have another month to wait before he arrives.

A last look at Jamie before we go.

Meanwhile, I owe Brooke (Fair Elf Layla) a wig.  And I found the cutest pattern for a Halloween pumpkin costume for Little Fees.  Then there is the skirt and blouse I promised Sooah.  I think I have my work cut out for me.


  1. He really is amazing! :) congrats i can't wait to get mine! you restored my faith in NS :)

  2. Wow. He is quite striking. He looks life size in the first picture. Great photos! I did a really really good job!