Sunday, October 23, 2011

Doll Meet-Up: A Blind Date for Jamie

The Tiny Thai Restaurant was the scene Saturday of another tiny meet-up.  Tiny as in only two humans present.  Not so tiny in doll terms, because we both brought large dolls to the table.  Modern Wizard brought a Souldoll Zenith Shiva-G face-upped to resemble Jennifer Connelly as Sarah in the movie Labyrinth.  I brought Iplehouse Elemental Guardian Claude, a.k.a. Jamie.  Modern Wizard also brought a tiny Elfdoll Dodo, but Jamie only had eyes for Sarah.

After lunch we drove up the road to the Old Mill Park.  This might have been a better idea for a dry day, for we had had rain and the ground was juicy.  There was no putting it off, however, for those trees that still had leaves on them were showing off the last of their autumn glory.  Another week and those same trees will be brown or bare.

"So much brown and gold.  I blend right in."

It wasn't easy finding a place to pose the dolls.  Everything was wet.  Not only the thick carpet of leaves underfoot, but a park bench, moss-covered rocks, old tree stumps -- you name it, it was sodden.

"I don't know which looks more delectable:  the bright green moss or Sarah."

Sarah tumbled face-forward into wet leaves while posing in front of a mossy rock.  I tried posing Jamie in the same spot but he (wisely) refused to balance and so I didn't chance it. 

"Follow me to higher ground."

Finally we stood them on the park bench.  It was a good thing both dolls were able to stand without leaning against the back of the bench, because we had nothing on hand with which to wipe it down.

"Great view, don't you think?"
"Not bad at all." 

Still, I managed a few halfway decent photos.  Not my best, certainly.  The ground was not only slick, but uneven, with a short, steep slope down to the river.  Scenic, but not so safe.  You have to wonder who decided to place the park bench at that very spot.

"Who's the man on your button?  Boyfriend?"
"Jareth, the Goblin King.  You wouldn't understand."

On the drive home, Jamie couldn't stop talking about Sarah.  How beautiful she is.  How bravely she soldiered on after falling.  How he would love to take her out on a real date.  He hasn't stopped smiling since we got back to Resin Corner.  The boy is totally smitten.  I only hope he doesn't start singing.

"You think maybe I could have a cushion to sit on next time?
I don't think the belt is supposed to go over my head."


  1. Hee hee hee! I knew there was something going on between Jammie and Sarah...they kept looking at each other with some interest. "Jareth, the Goblin King. You wouldn't understand..." Hee hee hee!


  2. I love it when you have meet ups! The pictures are awesome.