Monday, September 5, 2011

Still Waiting for Kaye Wiggs Layla Fair Elf

Milliken and Lillibets (Millie and Lillie) got new dresses this weekend in honor of Layla's pending arrival.  They are so very excited with anticipation that it was the only way I could keep them in check.

Now Lillibets, as we know, is not overly fond of dresses.  She is a tomboy who would have preferred trousers and tee shirt to a dress.  She also caught a glimpse of the pattern cover (MHD Designs' Simplicite) so she knows that pants were an option, if only in the form of a romper.  It's a good thing she hasn't spied MHD Designs' A La Ferme, because I would never hear the end of it.  That one has honest-to-goodness pants, plus a hooded coat, hat and scarf.  Unfortunately, this weekend's heat and humidity kept me from tackling even the cardigan and hat included with Simplicite.  It's not much fun working with cold weather fabrics when the sweat is pouring down your face.  The coat and pants will have to wait.

There are two dresses in the Simplicite pattern, the one I made (top right in the photo) and a petal dress (lower right), where the skirt pieces are shaped like flower petals.  The reason I didn't attempt that one was time:  I knew it would take longer to sew. 

Normally when I make a dress, I line the bodice only.  This dress is fully lined.  I'm not sure I like lining the skirt.  For one thing, it makes the skirt stiff.  For another, it adds to the thickness of fabric at the waist.  It's a good thing KazeKidz have tiny bodies.  They would look quite plump otherwise.  In the plus column, all the shredded ends of fabric are neatly tucked inside.

"Hooray!  New pictures!  No flash this time."

M:  "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."
L:  "If you're the teapot, what am I?  The cozy?"
Did I mention it was hot and humid all weekend?  It also rained -- all weekend.  Today was probably the darkest of the three days, not optimal conditions for taking photos.  The little bit of sunshine we had on Saturday and Sunday were of little use, as I had nothing ready to photograph.  So today we dealt with the gray skies by turning on all the lights in the sewing room and facing the window as much as possible with a mirror to bounce the light -- and still the flash kept going off.  I don't mind the flash on Lillibets as she is dark enough that she doesn't wash out.  Milliken, however, turns pasty white.  Photoshop can only do so much.  Maybe if I had photographed her by herself, the camera's light meter would have been satisfied with the amount of light available and the flash would not have gone off.  If the sun shines in the next few days I will attempt new photos.*

"This is fun, Bets.  You should try it."
"How do you make it go?"

* It took until the following weekend, but we finally got natural light photos without flash.  Two whole days of sunshine!  How did we get so lucky?

Comings and Goings:

I may have mentioned earlier that Limhwa To You Sara has found a new home.  Rosette Marguerite will ship to her new home tomorrow.  And Limhwa Luna awaits one more payment before she, too, ships out.  This is good news inasmuch as Ball Jointed Woman has been a very bad girl.   In addition to Layla Fair Elf, I am awaiting the arrival of Lagoon, a new doll designed by Batchix.  I also have two heads on order from OasisDoll:  Yaoyue and LingLan.  They will share a body with OasisDoll Natalie.  And as if that were not enough, I ordered IpleHouse SID Claude.  That's it for the year.  My property taxes come due in mid-November.  I need to start putting money aside, because I don't think the tax man will want to be paid in dolls!

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  1. I think that Ball Jointed Woman has an addiction. ;-)

    I bet no one has tried to pay the tax man in dolls before!