Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shorts and a Tank Top for Byuri

Poor little Byuri.  He has been wearing the same outfit since his arrival.  Every week he sees one of the girls decked out in new finery, and every week he stands there in his Iplehouse jeans and sweater.  The poor boy stands because the jeans are so stiff and tight he can't sit in them.

The reason he hasn't had anything new is simple.  The only other little boy clothes I have are for LittleFee.  Byuri's shape is different.  Not only is he a little taller, but his torso is thicker, his legs narrower and set closer together.  Little Shiwoo's clothes don't fit him.

Gracefaerie's #53 Perfect 10

It has taken this long for me to find a pattern that would work.  Gracefaerie to the rescue!  Her newest pattern is called #53 Perfect 10 and it provides a whole wardrobe of separates (overalls, tank top, turtleneck top, panties, vintage blouse and shorts, slim shorts, dress, and even a hat) for two sizes of dolls:  10.5 inch Goodreau and Creedy, and 10 inch LittleFee.  The Goodreau and Creedy toddlers have larger waist, chest and hip measurements than LittleFee, very much in line with Iplehouse BIDs.  After making the slim shorts and the tank top for Byuri, the only thing I would change in the pattern is the rise (the crotch was a bit short).

Little boy blue and friend

I can't wait to try the dress pattern for Erzulie.  The dress has short sleeves, but it should be a simple matter to substitute the long sleeves from the blouse pattern for a different look.

Back view
My only regret is that it has taken me so long to make summer clothes for Byuri that soon he will be needing something warmer for fall.  As soon as I figure out how to adjust the rise, I will make him the overalls and turtleneck from this pattern.

From the side

Good News:  My wait for Layla Fair Elf is nearly over.  I have received my shipping notice.  Layla should be here in the next day or two, in plenty of time for me to try on her new outfit, set the snaps, and get her ready for Saturday's meet up of local Den of Angels members.  Or should I take Soah to the meet?  Decisions, decisions...

Three votes for Layla

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  1. Big week at Resin Corner! I can't wait to hear of Layla Fair's arrival. Also, your meet up sounds fun. Maybe you can post some pictures!