Sunday, September 25, 2011

A New Dress for Brooke

Today's post will be a short one.  I have made dresses from Gracefaerie's Play Day pattern several times, so there is no need to show a step-by-step progression. 

I wouldn't have attempted this dress for Brooke at all, assuming it was too small, but after seeing several other Laylas wearing variations on the same dress, I thought I would give it a try.  It's a bit snug, but it does fit.  And I love the fabrics: purple gingham for the dress, a pale green print for the underdress, and a colorful mushroom print for the pinafore. 

If I had had time, I would have made new stockings.  I still might, even though the rose works well enough with the pinafore colors.  I'm sure I have green stretch fabric somewhere.  If it clashes with the shoes, well, I have the same shoes in purple.  Wish I had a different shade of green for the ribbon.  Or maybe I'll make a hairband from one of the dress fabrics...

I have decided to attempt to make a wig.  I have all the supplies needed, down to the hair itself, purchased back when I was making cloth dolls.  The hair is loose (it's goat or sheep, not human) so it needs to be wefted.  Still debating whether to make a wig cap from a stretch fabric or to crochet it.  My crochet skills are close to non-existant, so I suspect I will end up with a fabric cap.  At any rate, it is a project for next week.

Last Monday I placed an order with IpleHouse for clothing for Barahan and wigs for my BIDs.  Yesterday (Saturday) the package arrived.  Wow!  I wish the dolls arrived as quickly. 

It has been interesting to watch the progress of doll orders in the IpleHouse waiting room on Den of Angels.  Elemental Guardian Claude has begun to ship.  IH seems to be making the real skin versions first.  Dolls ordered blank (i.e., without faceup) shipped first, followed by dolls with Faceup A.  I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time -- I ordered Claude with normal skin and Faceup B.  In fact, I appear to be the only person in the waiting room who ordered Faceup B.  I also appear to be the only person who ordered Elemental Guardian Barahan.  I don't know if that means IH will make him quickly, or if they will wait until they get a few more orders.  I ordered him in real skin.  Do you suppose that means he will arrive before Claude?

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