Sunday, September 18, 2011

At Last, the Wait for Layla Is Over!

She's here at last.  I continue to marvel that a doll can reach me in three days from Korea, but it takes a full week from the west coast of the US.  There was a strange orange sticker on the box that read:  Released from Address Correction.  Say again?  I looked at the label.  All was in order.  There was an extraneous N/A in front of my condo unit number, but the house number, street, town, state and zip code were in order.  I'll never know what caused the package to be sent to Manchester, NH.  It's not our usual sorting office, unless that office is still feeling the effects of flooding caused by tropical storm Irene. 

Layla Fair Elf is my first MSD sized Kaye Wiggs doll.  I must say I was surprised by the sheer weight of her.  She is taller than my other MSDs and has a much larger head.  The wigs that I purchased in anticipation of her arrival don't fit.  I was under the impression that she would wear a 7/8 wig, like my other MSDs, but the first wig we tried on quickly dispelled that notion.  I find myself now in the position of needing more 8/9 wigs, because there will be barely enough to go around when my other orders come in.  (Ball Jointed Woman has been very bad indeed, and has two IpleHouse SID boys on order, in addition to the two Oasisdoll heads.)

Brooke in a blonde IpleHouse wig and high-domed green glass eyes.
Outfit from the #50 Kaleidoscope pattern by Gracefaerie.
I am also in a quandary about her eyes.  She came with 16 mm glass eyes, and I already had others in the same size in different colors.  Most are high domed eyes, which seem to make her look wall-eyed at times, or like a deer caught in the headlights.  I tried a pair of low domed eyes from Elfdoll; they seem to work better.  I'm not in love with the color, which is why Soah is not wearing them.  Soah is wearing Souldoll eyes instead, but the irises look too small for Layla.  The hard acrylic eyes from Eyeco are beautiful but don't fit in Layla's eye sockets.  It looks like some more experimenting is in order.

As soon as I got Layla (renamed Brooke) out of her box, we tried on the outfit I made for her a couple of weeks ago.  All I had left to do was to sew on the snap sets.  That task took a good chunk of my morning and caused me a bloody thumb.  Snap sets are my nemesis.  These were particularly ornery as some of the holes were not punched completely clean.  I could barely get my needle in and out, hence the puncture of my finger.  But I finally got her dressed and wigged, and found some shoes that fit.  (Although not the color I would have chosen, Brooke liked them.)  We set off in the car for a doll meet-up.

Monique Gold Lucky wig

Our group (and yes, we were actually a group this time -- three people instead of two!) met at the same Thai restaurant as last month.  And, oh my, the waitstaff remembered us.  The dolls!  One supposes the restaurant does not get many resin patrons.  Some of the human patrons glanced our way, but most ignored us.  I should have brought one of the Asian-featured dolls in honor of the restaurant.  Maybe next time I'll bring Soah or Hazy.  Or one of the Oasis girls, if the new heads arrive in time.

Janvier Jett, an Angelsdoll Ieseul Cat-Avatar, with a Custom House Ai Ange Gaby on her lap,
an Asleep Eidolon Jiao Jr., and Brooke, a Kaye Wiggs Layla Elf MSD
Missing from photo: a Loong Soul floating head
(And thanks to E.A. for filling in the missing sculpt names.)
The dolls posed for photos outside at the gazebo and the butterfly chair, and also on a stone bench and in a tree, because the light was right.  To be honest, Brooke felt a little queasy on her tree perch.  The bark was slippery and she didn't want to fall.  She stayed put for a few photos and then demanded to come down.

Home at last, Brooke posed for a family photograph with Millikin and Lillibets.

"See you next time!"


  1. I love it that you were a group this time. And I bet the wait staff is very curious!

    It's fun for us when Ball Jointed Woman is very bad. We get to see all of your new babies and the beautiful outfits that you create.

  2. Good to see you at Tiny Thai again! Our numbers will swell, I'm sure of it!

    Mousey's dolls are Customhouse Ai Ange Gaby and Asleep Eidolon Jiao Jr.