Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Waiting Room for Kaye Wiggs' Layla Fair Elf

I can't believe I am waiting for my third Kaye Wiggs doll.  The first two (Millie and Lillie) were small -- roughly 27 cm high.  Layla is MSD size, 45 cm or 18 inches.  I told myself repeatedly that I wouldn't buy her, and I managed to hold off through most of her preorder period.  Then, just days before ordering ended, I caved in.  Try as I might, I couldn't resist her sweet face and elfin ears!  (The blue wig drew me in, too, but I had already purchased it.  Might as well get the doll, right?)

She was originally due to arrive in early- to mid-August.  The date was then pushed up to mid- to late-August.  For the last week or so, I have been haunting The Resin Cafe, the online forum devoted to Kaye Wiggs dolls.  And today I started seeing excited announcements from other buyers saying they had received their shipping notices.  So now I am haunting my email.  Still no announcement.  If the dolls ship in the order they were submitted, it's going to be a long wait.

In an effort to use my waiting time productively, I have been at work on an outfit for Layla.  There is every possibility that she will fit into some of the clothes I have made for other girls.  On the off chance that she doesn't, I am making her an outfit of her own. 

There is no shortage of patterns available for Kaye Wiggs 18-inch girls.  So far I have bought one by Gracefaerie. I plan to buy a few more of these, as well as several from MHD Designs, as soon as I make up my mind what sort of look I want for this doll.  For now I am making #50 Kaleidoscope, which was inspired by a Victorian illustration of a girl in a blouse and jumper.  There are pattern pieces for a dress, a petticoat and a turtleneck top, as well as the blouse and jumper.

It took me forever to decide on a fabric combination:  I had all sorts of colors and prints spread out on the floor to see how they looked together.  My ultimate choice was a pink-and-burgundy plaid homespun for the jumper, with a dark rose knit for the turtleneck top and stockings.  I chose a pale pink batiste for the jumper lining.  (Obviously, she won't be wearing the blue wig with these colors.)  Kaleidoscope does not include pattern pieces for the stockings.  I borrowed those from a different pattern, so I hope they fit.

For the two rows of buttons marching down the front of the jumper I selected tiny brass brads from the scrapbooking aisle of my local craft store.  They were certainly easier to attach than buttons.  All they required was to be pushed through the fabric (easy with a loose weave like homespun) and the two wings spread on the other side.  Thank goodness they came 100 to a package, because I broke 3 in my clumsy attempts to spread them.  I hope they stay in.  The jumper is fully lined, so once the hem is finished, there is no going back to fix an errant brad.

I had not planned to finish the hem with lace.  The pattern calls for finishing by serging or zigzag stitch, neither of which I particularly like for a hem.  Without having the doll on hand to check the length, I didn't want to make a traditional hem in case the jumper ends up being too short.  I did try it on Iplehouse Asa (small bust version) because I had read that they were similar in size.  It fit her so well that I think I will make her one of her own.

Hopefully Layla Fair Elf will arrive in time to try on the completed outfit later this week.  If not, Asa will model it.

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  1. I'm waiting for Layla fair elf too! I have a couple other MSD and 3 tinies. I love Kaye's dolls! They are so sweet of face that you just want to hug them! I love what you're making her too. Gracefaerie has very nice patterns. :) Enjoy her!! *I haven't received my notice either* :(