Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mini Meet-Up in Vermont

Earlier this Spring I joined Den of Angels, an online forum for ball jointed doll enthusiasts.  Since that time I have been looking forward to the chance to meet with fellow collectors in my area.  Today, finally, I got that chance.  It turned out to be a mini meet-up, as there were only two of us:  Modern Wizard and myself.  On DoA I go by the handle Vermont Chick

We met for lunch and dolly conversation at a Thai restaurant.  There were actually more than two of us, if you count the dolls we each brought.  Our poor bemused waiter took the extra bodies at the table in stride.  Good man.  I would have loved to take his picture with the dolls.

Afternoon at the gazebo.  My Byuri and Lillie tower
over little SoSo, but they are just over ten inches tall.
Deciding which dolls would have the honor of attending wasn't hard.  It had to be a doll that would fit into a padded bag for ease in transportation and protection against both bumps and sunshine.  The only padded bags I have at this time are for the little ones.  I decided to bring one doll that is On Topic at DoA (Iplehouse BID Byuri, who is both Asian and resin) and one that is Off Topic (KayezKidz Lillie tan elf).  DoA has a list of criteria for inclusion.  The major criteria are that the doll must be Asian and made of resin.  KayezKidz are resin, but their creator is Australian.  In my humble opinion, Australia is Pacific Rim and should count.  Unfortunately, no one is asking me.  The KazeKidz fan forum is the Resin Cafe, where my handle is ljvermont

"Did you see that?"
Modern Wizard brought a Fairyland RealPuki SoSo, who is so adorable in person that I know I am going to get one eventually.  The only question is when, because all the RealPuki are marked "Temporarily Sold Out" at Denver Doll.  Alas, this is just as well, because I am temporarily out of money. 

Isn't that the cutest little smile you ever saw?
This is RealPuki SoSo, from Fairyland.
aka "Noodge"
The other doll Modern Wizard brought is a hybrid made of a Jura elf head (I don't remember which company's sculpt this is) and a Shiny Doll Thaasa body.  The Thaasa body has an impressive range of motion and sits like a dream.  I know of no other BJD that can be lowered onto a chair and fall naturally into a perfectly beautiful pose.  (Hmm, I have two OasisDoll heads coming.  I wonder if the Shiny Doll resin might be a decent match for them?)

Sardonix becomes one with the butterfly.  I love how the
antennae appear to grow out of her head.
After lunch we walked across the parking lot to a gazebo for photos.  There were very few people around, so no one bothered us.  The dolls posed and we got some cute shots.  A short distance away we found a butterfly chair made of laser-cut steel.  Considering three of the four dolls were elves, it made the perfect prop.

"Stop complaining, 'Yuri.  Of course I know how to drive this thing.
You press this antenna to go left and that one to go right.
Or was it the other way around?"
I hope this was the first of many meet-ups, and that more Vermonters will join us in the future.  There is unquestionably strength in numbers.  Whereas I am shy of taking doll photos in public when I am alone, I have fewer qualms when I am with another person who is also taking doll photos.  After all, I would much rather hear passers-by comment, "Oh, look, a doll club," than whisper, "Look at that strange woman with dolls."

A moment in the sunshine -- but only a moment, because the sun
is not resin's friend.  Overexposure can turn resin yellow.
Next post -- maybe as soon as tomorrow -- I will have photos of Hazy's finished Joie de Vie outfit.  It's almost done.  I just need to attach the skirt to the bodice, sew the bodice buttons on and then make the headdress.  I'll have to photograph her with Soah, whose standard head arrived this week.


  1. Hooray, meetup pictures! Yours came out very well. I hope that your knees are okay from kneeling... I'll see you soon at another meetup!


  2. That is awesome! You should have included a photo of the two of you! But, I admit, I would have loved to see a photo of the waiter and the dolls. :-)

  3. ah i miss VT (grew up there). i go back to see my sister from time to time 'cause she is still up there (in Barton aka no mans land).

    Looks like you guys had a great meetup :D I've only been to ONE where I live 'cause I'm shy and I kinda felt out of place at the time xD

    But hope you have many more awesome meets with your little ones :D