Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hazy's Joie de Vie

Today I finished the second Joie de Vie outfit (from a pattern by MHD Designs).  This one, as you saw in the Work in Progress post, is for Elfdoll Hazy.  I know I shouldn't play favorites, but I find I like the outfit better in this color combination than the first one I did for Elfdoll Soah.  It must be the peacock print.  I love birds.

Speaking of Soah, her standard head arrived last week.  This is the head I should have received with the doll instead of the smiling head.  She arrived with default faceup but no eyes.  I gave her a pair of 16 mm Souldoll eyes.  The smiling head can accommodate 14 mm eyes, because the smile causes the eyes to narrow slightly.  The standard head has rounder eyeholes, hence the larger mm eyes.  I also ordered some 16 mm Eyeco eyes from SafrinDoll so that we can try other colors.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't make a couple of changes to the pattern the second time around.  The first was relatively minor.  On the first outfit (peach color) I waited until after the skirt was attached to iron in the pleats, simply because the directions said nothing about doing it sooner.  This time I ironed the pleats before gathering the skirt and got a better result.  The pleats are evenly distributed and the skirt looks and hangs better.

The other change involved the headdress.  Because I wanted Hazy to wear the long black wig, I tried Soah's headdress on her to see how they worked together.  I had photos of Soah wearing that wig with the headdress, but Hazy has a smaller, narrower face than Soah, so there was no guarantee the fit would be the same.  As it turned out, I didn't like the way it looked and opted to make a hairband instead using the peach ruffle, some silk flowers and a piece of elastic to hold it on. 

My friend Julie wondered where Soah was going all dressed up like that.  It got me thinking.  Where would you (or a doll) wear an outfit like this?  It is too exotic for American street wear.  When I look at it I feel transported to the Far East, although I can't pinpoint exactly where.  China with a hint of India, perhaps?  Another century altogether?  I like the mystery of it.  The woman (or doll) who wears it is obviously mistress of her own style.


  1. I love the dresses AND...those headdresses are amazing. So cute and so tiny!

  2. it's beautiful :D you did an awesome job!