Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introducing Smiling Soah

As long as I have collected BJDs, I have wanted an Elfdoll Soah.  I saw her as a softer, sweeter version of my first Elfdoll, Sooah.  By the time I decided to take the plunge, however, the only Soah available was a pricey special edition complete with costume.  Lovely, but too much money for my means.  Then Elfdoll parted ways with its international distributors in order to sell from its own website, and it looked like I was not going to add Soah to the family at Resin Corner after all.

Fast forward to 2011.  Rainman reintroduced Soah to his lineup of BJDs in both the standard and a new smiling version.  I studied the photos of both, ultimately deciding I wanted the standard, classic Soah in white skin.  I placed my order in May and sat back to wait the usual 8 weeks for delivery.  She arrived this week.  I picked her up at the Post Office and drove 30 miles to work, where I sat all day with the box under my desk, just itching to open it.

Posing for a "before" photo.  The stump of her left wrist is missing
the magnet that should hold her hand in place.  Soah is wearing
her dark brown Elfdoll eyes.

It's a good thing I waited until I got home.  That way my co-workers did not witness my disappointment when I opened the box and found Soah smiling back at me.  Smiling.  Elfdoll sent my Soah with the wrong head.  She also appeared to be missing a hand, but a quick search of the bottom of her box revealed the hand as well as several loose magnets.  Actually, they weren't loose so much as all clumped together, as magnets will do.  One of them belonged in her headcap, which I did not notice until after I positioned her headcap and then watched in horror as it fell to the hard floor below.  Even her stringing felt looser than Elfdolls usually do.  I have never before received a doll in such rough shape.

Inside headcap. The round indentation on the right shows where
one of the missing magnets belongs.  Another belongs in her wrist.

I posted to Den of Angels, which was somewhat comforting as I learned that several others had experienced the same mix-up.  I also fired off a "Wrong Head Received" message to Elfdoll's Q&A board, requesting an exchange.  There would be no immediate answer, I knew, because the woman who manages the board for Rainman was off for a week to have a baby.  Determined not to look at the doll again, I went to bed.

The base of the hand also requires a magnet.  Clinging to a pair of metal
tweezers (so I won't lose them) are the 3 magnets that came loose.

The next morning I looked in the box.  Still smiling.  Stupid doll.  I went to work.  Stopped at a craft store at lunchtime to buy some SuperGlue for her magnets.  Home again at the end of the day, I put her eyes in.  They were dark brown, almost black.  Not my favorite color, but they suited her.  Warm.  Inviting.  Friendly.  Stop it.  The irises were too large for my taste -- I like to see the whites of the eyes -- so I knew I would have to replace the eyes with a smaller pair.  Even so, Soah was beginning to look good to me.  Against my will, I was warming up to her.

Soah head-to-toe: Reiya wig from Jpopdolls,
dress from Elfdoll, shoes by Dale Rae.

Today I glued her magnets, then put back her missing hand.  Like my Hazy, Soah came with both fists and open hands.  I don't know when Elfdoll switched from hooks to magnets to attach hands to wrists.  The magnets do make it easier to change hands; however, I never had problems with hooks coming loose.  (Hazy has hooks.)

Black wig from Elfdoll. This one came with Hazy, but it
is so heavy it falls off Hazy's head. Soah's larger head
keeps the wig snug and in place.

I also replaced her eyes.  If I'm not mistaken, I have given her the eyes I received with Hazy.  Hazy's eyeholes are even smaller, and so I had to go down a size for her, too.

Iplehouse wig IH-015.  I love a short wig on her.
With her headcap finally staying put, we were able to try on wigs.  When I was trying wigs on OasisDoll Natalie, I was dismayed to find that wig after wig just didn't suit her.  She is a pretty doll who has a hard time finding a good hair style.  Soah, on the other hand, looked great in every wig we tried on, and we tried on plenty.  (I photographed many more than I can show here.)  It doesn't matter what color, what length or what style.  As soon as I put it on her head, she blossoms.

Iplehouse wig IH-031

Taiki wig from Jpopdolls.  I usually reserve this
and the IH-015 short wig for the boys!

I figure Smiling Soah is a keeper.  Now all I have to do is go online to Elfdoll's Q&A board and confess that I love her after all.  I don't need or want to exchange heads for the Standard Soah.  She has won me over completely.

Glamour wig from Jpopdolls.


  1. She's gorgeous! Definitely a keeper :)

  2. I'm so glad you knew the smiling face was a possibility. That way you were prepared. I can't decide which "look" I like better. She looks great in all of them. How on earth do you decide!