Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cleaning House at Resin Corner: Who Stays, Who Goes?

Sooner or later it happens to every collector.  The collection outgrows its allotted space.  I buy dolls to costume, photograph and enjoy them, not to hide them away in their boxes, unseen and unappreciated.  But when the dolls no longer fit on the two bureau tops and one bookcase that constitute display space in my house, and the boxes are stacked floor-to-ceiling in one closet and in scattered piles in the basement, something's got to give.

It would be one thing if I were able to say:  "This is my collection.  It is complete.  I will make room for the dolls I have and restrain myself when I feel the urge to buy more."  Fat chance.  IpleHouse has recently restyled its JID (Junior IpleHouse Doll) girl body, introduced a new sculpt and given new faceups to the existing sculpts.  I want them all.

Needless to say, my pockets are not that deep.  It has reached the point where I must sell dolls in order to buy new ones.  That has forced me to look at my collection with more critical eyes.  In the beginning I bought some dolls that I would not buy if I were starting my collection today.  Comparing the American BJD and Free Spiritz Pixiez Dharma to other dolls on the market now, I wouldn't give them a second glance.  It is time for them to move on.

American BJD vinyl Innuendo, left, and Free Spiritz
Pixies Dharma, right (before I gave them new faceups)

Photos on a doll company's website always show a doll to advantage.  The doll is styled and lighted to show off her best angles.  The reality can be a shock and a disappointment, as you open the box and find a stranger instead of the doll you have been dreaming of for the past two months.  I've had a few of those, most recently DoD's Twing-key.  Picture me, staring into the open box in disbelief:  "That can't be Twing-key.  They've sent me the wrong doll -- haven't they?"  I've tried to like her anyway, but it isn't working.  She isn't the Twing-key I fell in love with.

Dream of Doll Twing-key on girl body

Then there are the boys.  I have nothing against boys, mind you.  It's just that clothing for boys and men is so awfully boring to sew.  With the exception of an IpleHouse BID, all of my boys currently reside in their boxes.  I will probably keep the U-noas, because they can fit into some of the clothing made for Tonner male fashion dolls.  Less work for me to do.  I will keep the little ones because they are little, so costuming is not so tedious.

It seems a shame to let Unidoll Anthony go, because Unidoll as a company seems to have disappeared.  He's a great doll, with excellent posability, but his large size makes him awkward to dress and display.  I can display two smaller dolls in the amount of space he takes up.

67 cm Unidoll Anthony

All three sizes of Limhwas are going.  Beautiful head sculpts, every one of them, but I don't like their bodies, especially their hands.  Actually the smallest one, ToYou Sara (who has not been profiled in these posts), has a better body than the others, in my opinion.  She's just so tiny and delicate that I can't see making clothes and buying wigs, shoes, etc., in a different size than everyone else wears.  What can I say?  She was an impulse buy.

27 cm Limhwa To You Sara in beauty white resin. (At 10 inches,
she is smaller than Barbie but her proportions are more naural.)

44.5 cm Limho Mono in tan (left) and normal beige (right)
57 cm Limhwa Luna in normal beige
(Limhwa's normal beige is almost white.)
Some people sell doll bodies that don't work for them and keep the heads, in hopes of finding other bodies that they like better.  I don't want to go that route.  For one thing, it's hard to match the resin color; for another, not all head openings accommodate all necks.  Customization is fine, but you can drive yourself crazy trying to create a hybrid.

I'm conflicted about my SoulDolls.  I doubt I will ever part with Linn.  She was my first resin bjd and I still love her head sculpt, even if I don't love her body.  Right now she is occupying a Planetdoll body.  Its mobility is much better, the resin is a good match; however, I don't love the Planetdoll torso.  I wonder if the SoulKid torso would work with the Planetdoll limbs?  My other SoulKids are staying one day and going the next:  I can't make up my mind.  SoulDouble L-Heart is definitely looking for a new home.  He hasn't seen the light of day for the past two years.

63 cm SoulDoll SoulDouble L-Heart

Another one I'm conflicted about is Rosette School of Dolls Marguerite.  Lovely doll, but an odd size, and her length is all in the legs.  I have made her one outfit and bought her one additional wig.  And that's it.  Her primary function in my collection seems to be to provide a lap for the little ones to sit on.  I don't think she has a future here.  I even bought a Wilde Imagination Evangeline Ghastly (vinyl version) in hopes that they could share clothes, both being of a Victorian sensibility.  What was I thinking!?  Evangeline is another one that has to find another home.

47.5 cm Rosette School of Dolls Summer Term Marguerite (full set)

If you are keeping a running tally, you might be wondering if I will have any dolls left after I finish culling.  Not to worry.  My Elfdolls aren't going anywhere.  Neither are my IpleHouse, my Narae, or my U-noas.  All of the tinies are staying.  (They hardly take up any room at all, are portable, and are cute as the dickens.  What's not to love?)  I'm adding to my Kaye Wiggs group, so obviously they are staying.  Oasisdoll Natalie is staying, although I wish I had bought LingLan or Yaoyue instead.  I only bought Natalie because I couldn't decide between the other two.  I wonder if someone would trade heads with me?

Once I get their numbers down, perhaps I can get around to making new outfits for everyone on a regular basis. Only a few days ago I noticed that Chloe (U-noa Sist) was still wearing a pumpkin and autumn leaf print dress.  It's now summer!  Obviously, I have not been keeping up with the seasons.

Where to buy:  I will be offering some of the above-mentioned dolls on the Den of Angels Marketplace and some on e-bay.  (The American BJD, Pixiez Dharma, and Evangeline Ghastly are all Off Topic at DoA, thus will be sold on e-bay.)  They won't all appear at the same time, because I am new to selling and need to put a couple of toes in the water before I jump in the deep end.

Wish me luck!

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  1. This is a HUGE step for balljointedwoman. I know what this'll be buying more dolls.