Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anchors Away Elves

I had been looking for a pattern to fit my littlest doll -- PukiFee Zoe.  When I came across the patterns by Rachele Fisher of My Own Little World, I knew I had to try one.  At the time I purchased it, there were only two to choose from:  a fairy dress and a sailor outfit.  (Since that time, I believe she has released a third.  I'll have to check to make sure.)  I opted for Anchors Away, the sailor outfit, because it made not only a dress, but also bloomers, a romper, and two different hats.  For the record, I love patterns that give me the option to mix and match pieces to create different looks.

Once I had the pattern, I began the hunt for a suitable fabric.  My stash contained some fabrics printed with stars.  I considered and then discarded each of them for the same reason:  the print was out of scale for such a small doll.  Besides, I wanted something nautical.  I searched my local fabric stores and several online stores to no avail.  I've been burned online in the past, when a print I thought was small turned out to be too big for the intended project.  Even when they display the fabric swatch with a superimposed quarter or a ruler to show size, you never really know how the piece will work until it shows up in your mailbox.

The tiny anchor pattern is called Bar Harbor, from Moda.

Success finally came my way two weeks ago at a quilt show.  A quilt show, you ask?  How so?  It's simple.  Along with the display of quilts comes an array of vendors.  Fabrics from shops around the region and beyond.  I knew I would find something and indeed I did:  the perfect tiny anchor print in three different colors, along with a tiny stars-and-stripes print that promised to coordinate well with them.  I could finally tackle the sailor pattern for Zoe.

LittleFee Ante (left), PukiFee Zoe (center), Kaye Wiggs' Lillie (right)

An especially welcome feature of My Own Little World patterns is the fact that each pattern includes sizes to fit a number of small dolls.  While I was dressing Zoe, I figured I might as well dress one of the LittleFees, too.  Zoe has elf ears, so I chose Ante elf for the LittleFee version.  It then occurred to me that the LittleFee size might also work for Kaye Wiggs' Lillie (also an elf).  What?  Elves don't go to sea?  They do in my world!

"Hold on tight!"

If I had been a little less ambitious and made two outfits instead of three, I might have had time to make both hats included in the pattern.  As it is, I made only one.  It was supposed to be PukiFee size, but I found it too large for little Zoe.  It was a much better fit for Ante.  I'll go back and make Zoe the PukiPuki size.  Luckily I had a ready-made stiff felt sailor hat that fit Zoe well enough for the photos.

"I really wish I couldn't see his dinner..."

I found the dress pattern a little odd.  Everything went well until it came to finishing the back of the dress.  There were no instructions, so I was left to decide for myself whether to sew up the back or fasten it with snaps.  I opted for the snaps.  I just wish it afforded a little more coverage over the doll's posterior.  When Zoe put on the bloomers included in the pattern, there was hardly enough skirt to go around, as most of the fabric is in front where the pleats are.  Next time I'll make the skirt a little wider in back.  I'll also make it a little shorter, because her legs barely show.

Ready for a chorus of On the Good ship Lollipop.

I had intended for Ante to wear the blue dress and Lillie the romper.  Again the dress was skimpy in back and didn't fit over Ante's bloomers, so I put her in the romper (without bloomers) and put Lillie in the dress.  Lillie is thinner, so the fit was much better.  If she looks wistful, it's because she really really wanted to wear the romper.

"Something smells fishy in here."

The red-white-and-blue sneakers were intended for LittleFee Shiwoo, who has in fact worn them.  They were so tight on him, however, that I had to remove his feet in order to get them off.  That argued against Ante's wearing them with her outfit.  Lillie, on the other hand, has thinner feet.  The shoes are loose enough on her that she can wear them with socks (as soon as I find a pair).

The girls are posing with two members of my glass menagerie:  a goldfish and a pelican.

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  1. How cute! I love these dolls. Their outfits are so adorable. (The fish are a nice touch!)