Sunday, June 19, 2011

Denim Day for U-noa Lusis

Seeing as I never got back to last week's outfit until this weekend, I decided to make up for it by sewing an extra skirt to go with the unfinished corset top.  This will give McKenna (U-noa Lusis) two outfits instead of one.  Lucky girl!

This week's pattern sources:  BJD Orbyrarium (left), Haute Doll
(center top), Gracefaerie's #21 Corset for MSD (right)

Last week's skirt was the little denim number by Mio that appeared in the BJD Orbyrarium.  Did I neglect to mention that I sewed the entire skirt by hand?  I couldn't maneuver around those small pieces with my sewing machine.  As a result, my stitches are not as fine as I would like them to be.

Corset top and poof sleeves with denim skirt.  The
cowboy hat on the chair sports a matching ribbon.

The corset (Gracefaerie's #21 Corset for MSD) ended up being a combination of hand and machine sewing.  When it came to the curved seams for the bust, I had to leave the machine and finish them by hand.  This is the solid front version of the corset.  The other pattern versions lace up the front, with either laces or hooks in back.  I got lazy and substituted snaps for the eyelets and laces in back.  Not that sewing snaps is any picnic, mind you.  It isn't.  My eyelets always pop out of the fabric, however, so snaps are more secure.  And because I get a tighter fit with snaps, I know McKenna won't be suffering from a "wardrobe malfunction" any time soon.

Same top and sleeves, with the Fun & Flouncy
skirt. McKenna's wig is from Narin Creative.

For the extra skirt I turned to the Fun & Flouncy pattern that appeared in the final issue of Haute Doll (August 2010).  I used this pattern once before, for Iplehouse JID Asa.  This time, instead of using different fabrics for the two skirt ruffles, I used the same fabric throughout.  It's a very easy skirt to sew.  One pattern piece for the yoke and yoke lining.  For the skirt ruffles, you cut two strips of fabric:  2 1/4" by 24" and 3 1/2" by 24".  That's it.  Of course, putting the layers together required some muscle.  Both ruffles are gathered, then sandwiched between the two yoke layers.  I ended up using a denim needle because of the thickness of all those gathers.  Thank goodness I didn't make the skirt out of denim!

I like this skirt better than the denim one.

Today was a clear sunny day, perfect (or so I thought) for outdoor photography.  By the time I had shot the front and back of McKenna's denim set, the wind had picked up sufficiently to make posing her without a stand a dicey situation.  Before she could hit the deck, I headed back indoors for the relative safety of my sewing table and plain white wall, where she could pose without swaying.

The safest pose of all!
Shoes from eBay.  I don't remember the vendor -- could be

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  1. You sewed the entire skirt by WHAT? HAND? Bless you. You did an awesome job.