Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beware of Elf! (Kaye Wiggs Lillie Tan Elf)

I should have put a little sign on the cage:  Beware of Elf.  Let's pretend it's there, shall we?

"Oh, what an awful, awful mess!  How will I ever get out of this place?"

"Hello.  Why are you sitting in that cage?"
"Because I can't get out."
"How did you get in?"
"A horrible ogre GRABBED me and locked me in."
"You must have done something to make him angry."
"Of course not...  Maybe...  Very well, yes...  But he deserved it."
"How so?"
"He kept a pretty nightingale in here.  I let her out, that's all.  He walked away muttering, "Make the punishment fit the crime."

"My name is Millie, by the way.  What's yours?"
"You can call me Lillie, for now."
"What do you have in the basket, Lillie?"
"Something good.  Something the ogre didn't see, or he would have taken it away from me."

"Ooooh, cake!"
"That's right, Millie.  And it's yours -- if you let me out."

"Silly elf!  I would have let you out even without cake."
"Is the coast clear?"

 "Thank you, Lillie. It's a pretty big piece. Do you want to share?"
"No, that's okay. You did me a big favor. You've earned it."

"You'd better keep it -- in case you get hungry later."
"Well, okay. Hey, maybe I'll see you around! And thanks! For letting me out, you know?"

"I wonder if I'll see her again?"

Lillie Tan Elf is a tiny (27 cm) doll from Kaye Wiggs. She arrived at Resin Corner on Thursday and waited at the Post Office all night until I could pick her up Friday morning. Her outfit is from a pattern by MHD Designs called Mini Riens (Little Nothings). She "borrowed" her wig from PukiFee Zoe, for whom it was admittedly too large. Brown shoes from Boneka. I tried to put Lillie in a dress, but she insisted on the skirted cami with leggings, saying a dress was too fussy for the sort of mischief an elf likes to get into. I'm happy to say that these are the first tiny straps that didn't pop open as I tried to turn them. Well, okay, I did pop one strap, so I ended up having to make an extra. Still, it's my first successful pair of tiny straps. (Chorus of tiny applause in the background.)

Here is the pattern:


  1. Great story and post! I love the little outfit. I must go on a search for that pattern!
    As for the straps...I would never try turning them, I just press them like double fold bias tape and top stitch them at the open edge :)

  2. You can find Magalie Houle Dawson's patterns for BJDs and other dolls at and also on ebay.
    I usually make straps by folding and top stitching, too. To turn these, I used the Itsy Bitsy Finger Turner by Patti Medearis Cullea. (I hope I spelled her name correctly.) You can find the tool on sites geared to cloth dollmakers.

  3. I should have added that Magalie's ebay store is called MHD Designs Fashion Sculpture. I sometimes have trouble locating it, so I just search ebay under the doll name (in this case, Kaye Wiggs dolls). This pattern is great because you can make nearly an entire wardrobe from the pieces included, just by mixing and matching.