Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another New Dress for Oasisdoll Natalie

I seem to go in cycles:  MSDs, tinies, SDs.  Whichever size I am sewing for, it becomes my entire focus to the point where I often forget the other dolls are there at all.  Lately I have been thinking big,  prompted by Elfdoll's reintroduction of Soah, one of my favorite sculpts.  I missed buying her the last time she was available, so this time I hurried to place my order. 

Until she arrives, which may not be for a couple of months, I am assessing the state of my SD-size clothing and the patterns I have on hand.  Soah will have the Elfdoll new body, like Hazy's.  It's a little smaller than Sooah's and Natalie's bodies.  I have ordered a couple of patterns designed for the Elfdoll old body, small bust.  I have made some of them before for Hazy, so I know they will fit Soah.

While I am focusing on the big girls, I notice that Natalie is still wearing her long dress with the long sleeves and her black top hat.  This outfit was fine when the weather was cool.  Last weekend, however, the temperature at Resin Corner spiked to 90 degrees F (a little too early in the season, in my opinion) and all I could think was how poor Natalie really should have a summer dress.

I was tempted to make her a sleeveless version of the dress she was already wearing.  I might do it eventually, but for now I wanted something a little different.  Unless I make alterations, Natalie is too big for some of my patterns, so I turned to an old stand-by:  Gracefaerie's #10 Takeshita-dori.  I decided to make a sleeveless, pared-down version of the Elegant Gothic Lolita dress.

Choosing fabrics for a project like this is always an adventure.  I rarely finish with the fabric I originally had in mind, and this dress is no exception.  After picking up and rejecting any number of fabric combinations, I selected an Asian floral print for the bodice and a Spring green taffeta for the skirt, with a shiny pink metallic for a sash around her waist.

The pattern calls for lining the bodice.  Because the skirt fabric had a tendency to shred, I also lined the skirt.  This had the added advantage of giving the skirt body, making a crinoline unnecessary.  I had already cut the skirt with less fullness in anticipation of the extra bulk imparted by the lining.  For trim I decided to forgo lace entirely and to add a few fabric flowers with beaded centers for a touch of whimsy.

I had hoped to have Natalie wear a new dark wig styled in an updo with long tendrils on either side.  It looked terrible on her, one of the few wigs she can't wear.  I'll save it for one of the other girls.  Instead I turned to a favorite of mine:  Glamour by Jpopdolls.  Natalie's fabulous shiny red peep-toe shoes are from Iplehouse.  I'm so glad she can wear them, as they didn't fit anyone else.

I am eagerly awaiting the patterns I ordered for Soah.  Because Hazy is the same size, I can make the garments and check them for fit on Hazy before Soah arrives.  Of course, that means Hazy will want something new also.  I'd better get busy.

Update, One Month Later:  I have finally replaced the shiny fabric sash on this dress.  The fabric would not lie flat no matter how many times I ironed it, so I bought a length of grosgrain ribbon in a dark raspberry color, which is what I wanted for this dress all along.  Because we took photos outdoors it looks more red than raspberry -- you'll just have to take my word for it.  Nat wears a new wig from Leekeworld in dark brown (Leeke calls this color "maroon").  It is the same wig I didn't like on her the first time we tried it.  Today it looked good.  Maybe it's the effect of the sunshine...

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