Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twing-key, Tiny Fairy Jasmine and the Pink Dress

I fell in love with Dream of Doll's Twing-key in the cute little pink outfit (sort of a futuristic nurse's getup) and blonde wig shown on the website.  Wouldn't you know, DoD sent her to me with the same wig, but in black.  Undeterred, I decided to make her a pink dress anyway.  Not a copy of the outfit on the website -- I don't have an adaptable pattern and I am not a pattern maker.  Besides, that outfit requires white boots and I don't have those in her size.  But I have a cute pattern for an MSD dress and so I cut it out and started sewing.

A tedious length of pleating.  I wouldn't begin to attempt this with
anything other than a striped fabric.  You are looking at the reverse
side of the skirt.  I first made the collar with the pearl buttons, as
seen here, then removed the buttons and substituted daisies.

If this pattern looks familiar, it's because I have already made it for Iplehouse BID Erzulie (my little Julie).  It is the Joyful Pattern from Atelier Momoni, presented in the December 2006 Haute Doll.  The pattern was available in sizes for both MSD and Yo-SD.

The first time I made this dress, I lined the collar and sandwiched the lace between the two layers.  This time I decided to follow the pattern more closely, although I still put my own spin on it.  I substituted two repeats of the trim's daisy motif for the pearl buttons.  Then I chose a wider lace for the collar and bottom of the dress.  I especially like it on the collar, where it covers the shoulders, suggesting sleeves.

The pattern includes directions for the hair bow and stockings.
Shoes and wig by Blue Fairy.
When I tried the bodice on Twing-key (I'm calling her Twinkie) it looked like it was going to be a loose fit, but a fit nevertheless.  So I'm darned if I can figure why the finished dress came out so big.  I decided to try it on Jasmine for comparison.  They are roughly the same size, with the exception of the bust.  Twinkie has DoD's girl figure, while my Jasmine has Blue Fairy's full blossom figure.  (Tiny Fairies come in three figure types:  immature, blossom, or full blossom.)  The bosom made a small difference in fit, just enough for me to declare that the pink dress would be Jasmine's.

Big Girl and Little Girl versionf of Joyful Pattern.
Jasmine and Julie (BID Erzulie)

In order to stem Twinkie's disappointment, I let her try on Jasmine's In Powder and Crinoline outfit.  I was surprised to discover that it fits Twinkie better than it does Jasmine.  That suggests to me that the original pattern was drafted on a BF immature girl figure.  While I was at it, I let Twinkie borrow Jasmine's curly ivory wig, her white socks and white shoes.  Lucky for them that they wear the same size and that I added an extra wig and shoes to my original doll order, because DoD always seems to be out of stock on shoes to fit their Dream of Child (MSD) dolls.

Jasmine (left) and Twinkie (right).
I still need a cute little dress for Twinkie.  I've looked through my patterns and don't see anything that moves me.  It may be time to go online and do a little pattern shopping.

In the meantime, I have cut another dress out of a combination of blue printed fabrics.  I won't even pretend to know who is going to end up wearing it.  Previous versions went to U-noa and Narae.  When the time comes, I'll just let the girls stampede the dressing room and try it on for size.

In Powder and Crinoline, as worn by Dream of
Doll Twing-key (Twinkie)

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  1. I love both of those dresses. I'd totally love to have the one that Twinkie is wearing however, I would have no place to wear it. I don't think I'd want to wear it to work. ;-)