Sunday, May 1, 2011

Triple Happiness: Two Deliveries and a New Dress for Erzulie

What a week -- and weekend!  First, I managed to sew a cute little dress for Julie (aka Iplehouse BID Erzulie).  The pattern appeared in Haute Doll, December 2006.  Called Joyful Pattern, by Lola Palacios of Atelier Momoni, it is offered in both MSD and YoSD sizes. 

My first collar, top left.  Somehow the wrong side of the
pintucks ended up on the outside!  Below it is the fabric
I pleated and then cut out to the shape of the collar.

As usual, I ran into problems right off the bat.  It was my own fault.  In my haste, I did some of the steps out of order, like making the pleats on the skirt before adding the lace edging.  Dumb.  The pattern includes lining pieces but the directions do not address them, and I forgot how to put a dress and lining together until after I had done it wrong.  I ripped it out and started over.  My first two collars were a disaster, until I remembered a trick for making pintucks.  Instead of trying to make the tucks on the tiny piece of collar fabric, I made them on a larger rectangle of the same fabric, then centered the pattern piece on top and cut around it.

The lace is pinned to the right side of the pintucked collar.
The bottom layer (above it) will be placed over the lace.
When I sew around the outside edge and then turn the piece
right side out, the pintucks will be on top, the plain layer
on the bottom, and the lace will stick out between them.
(Trust me, it works.)

The pattern's author gathers her lace on top of the collar.  I might try that next time.  For this dress I simply layered the lace between the pintucked outer collar and its plain bottom layer.

The pattern includes stockings, which the author labels tights.  If they are tights, there are no directions for sewing the panty part.  At any rate, the stockings were too wide for Erzulie.  I cut them down until they fit, but in the end they did not work because her shoes are a very close fit.  As it happens, both of her wigs have little bows already attached, so I did not make the hair bow also included in the pattern.

This wig is from Iplehouse.  The color is red wine.
While I was laboring over the dress, an airplane left Japan with my U-noa Chibi Roron at the same time as another plane left Korea bearing my Dream of Doll Twing-key.  The dolls were ordered two months apart -- who would have guessed that they would make their journeys simultaneously?  Both planes arrived at New York's JFK Airport within minutes of one another.  One doll made it onto a plane to Vermont the same day; the other must have missed the flight, because she arrived a day later.

Chibi Roron needs to be assembled and painted, so all I can show you for now is the box.  I had hoped to put her together this weekend but didn't manage to get to it.  Lilin will have to wait a while longer for her companion.

U-noa Chibi Roron, lovingly packaged by Noppin for her overseas journey.
Bits and pieces.  Trust me, they do add up to a doll!
I ordered an extra faceplate -- the pouting one in the foreground.

Twing-key has been on my want list for a long time.  She would have joined the dolls at Resin Corner long ago if not for all the must-haves that debuted in the interim.  Even before I put in my order, I knew that I would name her Twinkie.  That's probably what Dream of Doll meant to call her, except that they spelled it the way they heard it. 

She arrived with a black wig and green acrylic eyes, instead of the blonde wig and pink eyes she's shown wearing on the website.  I like the color combination of black and green, but the eyes were 16 mm, which left no white showing around the iris.  I prefer to see some white along with the color, so I went through my 14 mm eyes to see what might suit.  I installed several different colors to see which I liked best, finally selecting the eyes you see in the photos.  They are powder blue, from Safrindoll.

Although similar, this is not the wig that came with Twing-key.
It is actually a wig called That Girl, by Goodreau for the
American BJD.
Several years ago, when an online doll shop was going out of business, I bought a red kimono for MSD sized girls.  Year after year, I tried it on each new girl who entered the house, without finding that elusive perfect fit.  I confess I did not try it on Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jasmine.  She is about the same size as Twinkie, so it will probably fit her.  But for now, it belongs to Twinkie.  I should have ironed it before taking photos.  It has been folded for so long that its creases may be permanent, especially on the skirt.  The skirt was not originally part of the outfit.  I felt there needed to be something under the kimono to compensate for the lack of overlap between the front and back panels.  There is a matching hair bow that goes with the outfit.  I have yet to figure out how to make it stay put, as it slides off the doll's hair before I can even tie the ribbons that are supposed to hold it on.

The outfit also came with the white socks.
Twinkie came with an extra pair of hands (not photographed here).  One has a pointing index finger, as seen in her photos on the DoD website.  The other seems to be making the "Phone me" gesture.  Put them together and I guess she is saying, "You.  Phone me."

Also this week, thanks to the intervention of a reader of this blog, Balljointedwoman was accepted to membership in the online forum Den of Angels, where she will be posting as vermont chick.  See you there! 

I suppose that makes this a week of quadruple happiness.

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