Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waiting for U-noa Chibi Roron

It was inevitable.  The moment I ordered U-noa Chibi Lilin, I knew that at some point I would have to have her companion Roron.  Not to buy Roron would be to leave Lilin alone of her kind.  She doesn't complain.  Lilin is not that kind of girl.  But sometimes her sweet little smile is a little ragged around the edges and a wistful look comes into her eyes.  I know what she is thinking:  "There is no one else here who is my size."

Size matters:  Oasis Doll Natalie on the left.  Right, from back to front:
U-Noa Quluts Sist, U-noa Chibi Lilin, Kaye Wiggs Millie, and Puki Fee Zoe
It's true.  Chibi Lilin is the only 35 cm. doll at Resin Corner.  The U-noa Quluts girls are nice to her, but sometimes I fear they don't take her seriously.  And she is too tall (and too mature) to hang out with the babies and tinies.  What's a girl to do?

Sizes:  back row 42 cm, 35 cm; front row 29 cm, and 15 cm.
I started thinking about Roron again after seeing one on offer at ebay.  The doll was assembled and painted; I believe it included an extra faceplate, as well as a jaw-dropping asking price.  Not for me at that price!  It was time to pay a visit to Noppin, the U-noa annex website of Crescent Trading in Japan. 

Crescent Trading is a service that makes Japanese goods available to overseas buyers.  There is a fee for their part of the transaction, but it is a small price to pay for the opportunity to buy dolls whose maker is disinclined to bother with international sales.  There are two ways to obtain a doll through Noppin:  by lottery and by purchase.  I never win anything, so for me the idea of a lottery is a don't-even-go-there proposition.  Dolls for purchase, on the other hand, are first-come-first-served until the stock runs out.  It's a good idea to have a currency converter open as you shop, to reassure you that 45,500 Japanese Yen is not as mind-boggling an amount as it looks.

Sist ditched her high heels so she wouldn't appear
disproportionately taller than Lilin.
I had not ordered from Noppin since the annex opened.  Would my Crescent Trading login and password still work?  It turned out they didn't; I had to re-register with Noppin.  The website was easy to use, although the Japanese language PayPal site threw me for a loop.  Eventually I got an English translation.  Whew!

Roron was far from inexpensive, considering the doll comes as an unassembled, unpainted kit.  I ordered an extra faceplate while I was at it, because I could do so without incurring additional shipping costs.  I'll have to assemble and paint her myself, but that is a project I enjoy.  The savings over buying the completed doll on ebay are considerable.  Any time you see a brand-new, artist-painted doll on ebay, you can be sure that the asking price reflects a healthy return on investment for the seller.  On the other hand, if money is no object and the doll is painted in a way that you find irresistable, go for it!

While the tights are a little roomy on Lilin, Narae couldn't get them
up past her thighs. (See Note below.)
My confirmation from Noppin said that the doll would be requested from Alchemic Labo and should ship in about two weeks or so.  That's a far cry from the usual two months spent waiting for a completed doll from other doll makers.  I am still waiting for a Dream of Doll Twing-key that I ordered in February.

Meanwhile, Lilin is keeping the Garden bench warm for Roron's arrival.

A note about Lilin's outfit:  This was to be an outfit for Narae, from a pattern called Cute and Colourful by Martha Boers.  I printed the pattern from a PDF, not noticing that it did not print to scale.  Even after enlarging the pattern on the photocopier, I found that the tube top, arm warmers and tights were too small for Narae.  Enter Lilin, the recipient of garments that don't fit anyone else.  I altered the tube top to fit Lilin's curves, then didn't want to hide it under a dress bodice, so the dress became a skirt.  I still need to shorten the arm warmers and I should square off the toes on the tights to take up the extra fabric there.  Lilin didn't want to wait for all that, so she appears here in the outfit as it is at this time.

Now if we could just find a pair of shoes that fit over the tights...

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  1. I have an outfit just like Lilin is wearing. (Just kidding!)