Sunday, April 10, 2011

IpleHouse BID Erzulie in Real Skin Resin

IpleHouse has really got me going with their Baby IpleHouse Dolls.  They are all so adorable, it's all I can do to keep from buying every single one of them.  (As soon as I can muster up the funds, I plan to buy Elin and Nami.)

Erzulie was shown on the website in ebony resin, which looked absolutely perfect for her.  I was all set to buy her, then I read the disclaimer that IpleHouse runs at the bottom of the page for each of their dark resin dolls, to the effect that dust and marbeling can occur in the resin.  They do not consider this an imperfection, therefore no returns are accepted.  I don't know about you, but when I am spending big bucks on a BJD, I want her (or him) to be as perfect as can be.  Erzulie was also offered in tan and in real skin.  I already have Asa in real skin, as well as Byuri.  The color is rich and warm and -- well -- real.  So that's what I ordered.

Until now, my IpleHouse purchases have arrived almost two months to the day after they were ordered.  Erzulie took about two weeks longer.  I suspect they had more orders for the darker resins and so they made those first.  My girl arrived late last week and let me say from the outset that I have no regrets whatsoever.  What a cutie!  She came with cobalt eyes instead of the green eyes shown on the prototype.  I was hoping for green but the blue are very nice and I can always change them later.  We tried some wigs.  For now she is wearing a new wig from Leeke World.  The color is Eve Cream, the size is 6-6.5, and the fit is perfect.  Her blue shoes are from IpleHouse.

It's a good thing I didn't sew in advance of her arrival.  I got quite a surprise when we sat down to try things on.  The outfits that I have made from patterns for Little Fee or for Millie are too small.  This little lady has a chubby torso and thin legs set close together.  I have an Adams-Harris Pattern for Custom House Ange Ai called Standing There.  I made it for Little Fee, only to discover that the bodice/bloomer that goes under the jumper is too big.  It almost fit Erzulie, except that there was too much fabric between her legs in the bloomer and I couldn't quite close the snaps on the bodice. 

The outfit that did fit was one I adapted from a pattern called A Flutter of Fall by Maryanne Oldenburg, which appeared in the October 2009 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming.  I had made it for Little Fee Ante in a cute fairy print, only to find that it was way too much dress.  Instead of picking it apart and making it smaller, I started over with a different fabric for Ante.  All I had to do to adjust it for Erzulie was to move the snaps closer to the edge of the bodice.

Not long ago I picked up a dress pattern for a ten-inch doll from Yesterday's Children.  I haven't tried it yet, but the doll pictured on the front looks chubby and, apart from the sleeve cuffs, the dress is loose-fitting.  It might work.  I will certainly give it a try.

As I don't know what the name "Erzulie" means, I'm not as likely to remember it as a name I know.  So this little girl is going to go by the name Julie.  My friend Julie suggested it, and I am very happy to comply.  Thanks Julie!


  1. I love her! What an honor to have her named Julie. It's sort of close to Erzulie. I like the little fairy on her dress.

  2. I am getting this little girl too, but in light brown skin. I am amazed at how adorable she is in this skintone! It gives her a whole new look and personality! I love that wig on her too, and the little dress is so sweet!

  3. By the way, are you a member of Den of Angels? There is a really fun and lively Iplehouse BID thread there in the Tiny Doll section. I am sure everyone would be very excited to meet Julie!

    Here is a link to the thread:!/page92

    I told everyone about your Julie photos so you might get some visitors from there soon!

  4. She's absolutely stunning in real skin! I have her in the tan skin and have fallen badly for these little ones too.

  5. I would love to join DoA, but every time I go there, registration is closed. It appears that a current member must recommend me for membership. Anyone interested? Please?

    I have already seen increased traffic -- thank you for the mention!

  6. I am happy to recommend you! What do I need to do? My Username on DOA is "Valentinegirl" if that is any help?

  7. Hello Kylie,
    Registration at DoA is currently by invitation only. Apparently someone has to send me an invitation number to enter on the registration form. Can you initiate that?
    Thanks much,
    Lorraine (aka Balljointedwoman)

  8. Hi Lorraine,

    I just checked out the registration form. All I need is your email address and it is done! If you don't feel comfortable posting it here you can email it to me at: