Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emma's Loss is Asa's Gain

I was going to entitle this "Le Malheur d'Un Fait le Bonheur de l'Autre" except (a) my spelling stinks and (b) only a few people surfing my site would stop and read.  It means One Person's Loss is Another's Gain.  More particularly, it means that I set out to make an outfit for Planetdoll Emma and turned it into a dress for Iplehouse Asa instead.

It started when I picked up a cute pattern from Raw Kiss called Flower Girl:  a sleeveless dress, overskirt, shrug, stockings and hat.  The ensemble was shown on a Planetdoll, so I figured it would be perfect for Emma, who has not had anything new since she arrived.  I went through my stash and assembled my fabrics.  I cut out and started to sew.  Immediately I had a question that the instructions did not address:  What size is the seam allowance?  It looked like a quarter inch.  I did not entirely trust my measurements because I purchased the pattern as a PDF, and I always have trouble printing PDFs to the proper scale. 

I crossed my fingers and forged ahead.  The pattern did not call for lining the bodice but I lined it anyway.  Anytime I am dealing with a collarless, sleeveless dress or top, I get better results if I line the garment.  So far so good.  I assembeld the dress skirt.  Ten inches wide seemed awfully narrow.  I wish I had made it a little wider.  When I put it together with the finished bodice, there was almost no need to gather the skirt, because it was about the same width as the bodice.  Something not right somewhere.  I removed my basting stitches and put the skirt aside.

Next I did something I should have done sooner:  I tried the bodice on Emma.  It seemed a bit large.  I needn't have skimped on my seam allowances after all.  Out of curiosity, because Iplehouse Girls are wider across the back and shoulders than my other MSDs, I tried the bodice on Asa.  Very nice!  It could have used darts in front, but as I had already lined the bodice I decided to gather the bottom edge instead.

The skirt was easy.  I used fabric left over from a kimono I made for Elfdoll Hazy.  As the Flower Girl dress skirt barely went over Asa's hips, I cut out a skirt 15 inches wide, plus a little extra for seams.  Then, to dress it up a little, I cut a ruffle twice that width.  Finally, for embellishment, I tied two pieces of ribbon into a half-bow reminiscent of the bow on a Korean hanbok.  A new Iplehouse wig (new to Asa, seeing as Tania has already worn it), her brown boots, and Asa has a brand new look.  She also has new Eyeco eyes.  I found the very pale blue to be a little spooky and opted for a blue-gray instead.  They make her look less intense.

Now that I know she needs a little less bodice and a little more skirt, I will remake the dress for Planetdoll Emma.  But she will have to wait until I have finished a Yo-SD dress that I am hoping will fit Erzulie.  If it doesn't, there's always Bambicrony Toto, or Little Fees Ante and Lishe, all of whom are clamoring for new clothes.  It never ends!


  1. Her skin is beautiful. I would LOVE to have skin like that! I can't wait to hear how long it took to get those boots on her.

  2. For you and for anyone else wondering how I got the boots on her -- they have zippers up the back. No need even to undo the laces. For the record, it does require both the zippers and the laces to remove the boots.