Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Second Iplehouse JID Asa

While Ball Jointed Woman awaits delivery of a new home computer, she is forced to blog from the office during her lunch break.  And as most of that break was spent eating lunch while transferring photos to computer, that leaves precious little time to write. 

So here's the scoop:  Iplehouse has been holding a pre-moving sale.  I debated so long wether or not to buy another Asa that she was reported Sold Out while I was still thinking.  Then one day I looked and saw that JID Asa appeared to be in stock again (probably transferred from the Korean or Japanese website to the English site).  Long story short -- here she is:

She came with small bust and mobility thigh joint -- both are options I normally don't buy, but there was only the one doll available.  The small bust proved a lucky break for me, because this Asa fits into clothes that her large busted sisters can't wear.  All I did to make the Kimono Lolita (Haute Doll, February 2007) pattern work for her was to give the front bodice sections and the skirt a little extra width (about a half-inch) to ensure that the wrap would close modestly across her body.  I bought the boots from Iplehouse a while back, as well as the black wig.  The streaked brown-blonde wig is Pretty Girl, by Monique Gold.

What is most amazing about this amazing girl is how she looks so completely different from the real skin version of Asa.  I did change her eyes.  She came with blue eyes in a high-domed acrylic.  From the side, all I could see was the clear dome.  It gave her a very strange appearance.  I replaced them with soft silicone Eyeco eyes in a color called Morning Sky.  What a difference!

Here are the eyes:

A little out of focus, but you can see the difference.  The green eyes are also Eyeco, shown for comparison.  The soft silicone half-round eye adjusts to fit the eyehole, without leaving gaps as sometimes happens with hard plastic or glass eyes.  With the silicone eyes I use a clear silicone eye putty. 

Here is a back view of the obi corset.  The pattern calls for it to be made from two layers of fabric with interior plastic stays.  Instead, I found premade belt fabric (some sort of synthetic -- up close it looks like leather) in just the right width.  I added eyelets and laced it up with ribbon -- perfect!

Lunch is over -- got to run.

I should mention that, although the moving sale at Iplehouse is over, the sale continues on JID girls until the current bodies sell out.  It seems a new JID girl body is in the works.  I can hardly wait to see it.

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