Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Play Day" for Narae

It occurred to me as I was admiring Anastasia's new dress that Narae has not had a new dress since her Black-and-White-Party dress from several months ago.  She was standing behind the others, looking forlorn and forgotten, when an idea struck me.  Narae is small enough.  Why not try Gracefaerie's #30 Play Day pattern on her?  I already had one available for her to try on:  I made it for Chloe (U-noa Sist) last year.  While Chloe has an immature torso, Narae does have a small bust.  Would it fit?  We tried it and it did.

The dress pieces cut out.  The light gray pattern pieces are the
underside of the dark gray/black fabric.  The ecru is the bodice lining.
Narae looked at me.  "You're kidding, right?  A play outfit?  For me?"  Her expression said she was far too sophisticated for a simple a-line dress and pinafore. 

"Okay," I said.  "You want sophisticated?  How about gray?"

"I've done gray.  For Christmas, remember?"

"That was silver.  And you looked fabulous in it.  Gray is your color."

Narae shrugged.  "If you say so.  Frankly, the whole idea bores me."

"Now you sound like Ellowyne.  Besides, we have this lovely gray wig.  You already have gray shoes and pantyhose.  We could do a head-to-toe lady in gray."

"You're dumping me at the old folks home, aren't you?"

"Not at all.  I'm just trying to envision a total look -- a tone-on-tone fashion statement."

The dress has a self-ruffle.  There is a full undershirt, also with a ruffle.
To avoid having black fabric next to the doll's resin, which might stain it,
I made the underskirt in a light, solid gray and added the striped ruffle
at the bottom.

Narae sighed.  I started sewing.  While I sewed, Narae tried on the gray wig so she could "get used to it" -- her words, not mine.  It looked odd with the green and purple dress she had on, but I knew it would set the right tone with the new outfit.

"What do you think of this black and gray stripe for the pinafore?  It almost looks like menswear."

Narae pretended not to care.

"And this black and gray floral for the dress, to play off the stripes."


"You're going to love it."

"If you say so."

The dress with pinafore over it.  I used the same fabric
for both the pinafore and the underskirt ruffle.

In the end, I had to modify the pattern slightly to suit my fabric.  The pattern calls for the dress ruffles to have torn edges.  Neither of my fabrics would tear, although both shredded like crazy.  Before they could unravel completely, I made a shallow hem on each.  That necessitated an extra turn of the hem on the pinafore; otherwise it hid the upper ruffle.  An additional change saved my sanity:  Instead of a row of snap sets marching up the back of the dress, I sewed up the back to within two inches of the waist and then put in snaps the rest of the way.  Even so, I had to reposition one of the snaps three times before it lined up with its mate.

Chloe and Narae model their Play Day dresses from Gracefaerie.
I added decorative trim to the pinafore straps and a fabric flower to the front yoke.  Once she had the outfit on, complete with a fancy bow in her gray hair, Narae decided she liked the look.  She went so far as to preen, insisting the pattern suited her so much better than it does Chloe.  I don't necessarily agree with her.  Although made from the same pattern, the two outfits are quite different in look and feel.  Each suits its wearer to a tee.  We just won't say that in front of Narae.

Another satisfied customer.

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  1. Great dress! And I love her hair color too!