Sunday, February 13, 2011

"In Powder and Crinoline" for Blue Fairy Jasmine

It stands to reason that I should make this gown for this doll.  Arcadia Dolls designed the pattern for a Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy.  I have finally added a Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy to the family at Resin Corner.  Therefore, she must have the dress.

A few posts ago I showed how I remade the first version of this gown for U-noa Chibi Lilin.  I had made the gown originally without trying it on anyone, so of course it didn't fit a single doll.  After I remade it for Lilin, it would never fit a Blue Fairy again.  (At 35 cm, Lilin is considerably smaller than 43 cm Jasmine.)
Although I shortened everything else for Chibi Lilin,
I left the sleeves alone as I rather like their longer length.

It didn't take me long to settle on a fabric: a dainty floral cotton from April Cornell in two shades of blue on an ivory background.  Finding coordinating trims was the problem.  I found a piece of scalloped organdy ribbon in aqua.  Not exactly the shade I would have chosen, but not bad either.  But would there be enough of it?  It didn't look long enough.  Perhaps it would stretch.  A length of blue lace, another of ivory lace to go over it.  Some small organdy ribbon flowers and some blue satin ribbon.  My pattern in the April 2008 Haute Doll.  All set.

My fabric was so soft that, although the pattern did not call for it, I decided to line the bodice to give it a firmer structure and a neater finish.  I used an ivory polyacetate.  I wish I didn't have so much of this sort of lining fabric on hand, because it invariably gives me grief.  It's hard to see in the photo above, but I had to repair the lining after it pulled away from the side seam on the left.  Pulled away and shredded.  Luckily I had some seam binding in my stash.  You can see how old it is from the price on it.  I haven't priced this stuff lately, but it sure isn't selling for 35 cents!  I sewed one side of the seam binding to the lining and the other side to the seam.  Good as new and almost invisible.

I also deviated from the pattern by creating a full underskirt instead of the crinoline and front skirt panel it called for.  Working with tulle makes me crazy.  It snags the thread in the sewing machine, causing it to bunch and shred.  I will make any number of skirts rather than sew one tulle crinoline.  Of course, it is more difficult to lace the bodice across the back because it now has to fit over two skirt waistbands.  On the bright side, the scallop ribbon trim did stretch, so I was able to make it last across neckline, waistline, and both sleeves.

I bought a second wig from Blue Fairy/Minoru World at the time I ordered Jasmine.  If I remember correctly, it is called Lollipop and the color is called Ivory.  Actually, the tag on the wig net says #88, which is the number denoting a pale blonde no matter which company's wig you buy.

The outfit still needs a hat or floral wreath for the hair and a necklace or two.  I didn't take the time to make either because I was running out of daylight in which to take photos.  The sun shone on Resin Corner for a couple of hours this morning.  Unfortunately, the dress was not finished then.  By the time I finished sewing, the clouds had moved in and stayed for the rest of the day.  Such is winter in the North Country.

U-noa Chibi Lilin and Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jasmine model their gowns:
 In Powder and Crinoline, by Arcadia Dolls

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  1. I totally want a blue dress just like that one. However, I have no idea where I could wear it and not stand out. It is beautiful.