Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello Baby IpleHouse Doll!

He's here!  Baby IpleHouse Byuri arrived today after what must have been an arduous journey through some nasty weather.  He left Korea on February 25th and arrived at Resin Corner on February 26th.  That is no mean feat until you realize that when he left on Friday the 25th it was still Thursday the 24th here.  So, two days in transit instead of one.  Still not bad considering the winter storm wreaking havoc up and down the East Coast yesterday.  Rain and high winds delayed his arrival at JFK, then heavy snow closed the airport here for a time.  No one was more surprised than I was when the postal carrier rang my bell this afternoon, box in hand.

This is the packaging inside the box:  the doll box and
the other items are wrapped separately in bubble wrap.
But enough of his travels.  Let's look at IH's first foray into tiny BJDs.  Byuri is one of their series of Elemental Guardians.  As first presented on the website, he appeared as the element Air or Wind, with cloud hair, cloud shoes, a pinwheel wand and wings.  I was immediately enamoured of his face, if not the rest.  I was prepared to wait for a basic edition, when IpleHouse announced that, by popular request, the babies would be available separately from the costumes.  That was all I needed.  I put in my order and settled in to wait.

Did I mention that he's adorable?  The Elemental Guardians are 26 cm tall, with a size 6-7 head, and either 12 mm or 10 mm eyes.  Each one is available as either a boy or a girl.  There is a choice of skin colors and either general or mobility thigh.  (The mobility thigh joint's rotation allows for more natural poses when a doll is seated.  On the down side, it makes a doll less stable when standing.  Two of my Little Fees have the mobility thigh joint; the one that doesn't is a lot surer on his feet.)  I chose the general thigh.  Byuri had additonal hands available (one cupped to hold the wand) and I ordered those as well.
Clothing and wigs I ordered with the doll
Three of the Elemental Gardians appear to be baby versions of other IH dolls.  Naias, the Water Guardian, is the spitting image of JID Amy; Erzulie, the Earth Guardian, is obviously baby Benny (also JID); and Efreet, the Fire Guardian, could only be the small version of JID Vito.  Byuri, on the other hand, has me stumped.  The closest resemblance I can find is with YID (Young IpleHouse Doll) Ryushin, especially if you look at the Special Edition Ryushin with real skin.  I chose my Byuri with real skin.  To me they look very much alike.

IpleHouse notified me the day before Byuri shipped that the wig I had ordered was not available and that they were substituting another wig rather than delay my order.  Until he arrived, I sat on pins and needles wondering what color and which style I would end up with.  I needn't have worried.  The wig that arrived with Byuri was the same style (whew!), only it was saddle brown instead of the darker brown.  He looks good in it.  Ball Jointed Woman is happy.

Byuri with big sister Anastasia (Asa)

Packaged with my order was an extra wig and an extra piece of clothing that I had not ordered.  A mistake?  Or a gift to make up for not sending the exact wig I had requested?  The wig is for a BID girl, so I will hold it until Erzulie arrives.  (Have I mentioned that I couldn't resist baby Benny either?)  I have another month to wait for her arrival.  I ordered shoes for her in Byuri's order but not in her order.  Maybe that's why they included the wig?

Little Fee Shiwoo and BID Byuri --
different degrees of realism
I wasn't sure if the clothing I made for Little Fee Shiwoo would fit Byuri, so I bought him several items from IpleHouse.  We have gray jeans, a black sweater, aviator-style goggles and hood, and black loafers.  IpheHouse added a black hooded cloak -- he could almost be a student at Hogwarts Academy in it.

One reason I ordered Byuri with real skin was so that he and Anastasia (Asa) could pass as brother-and-sister.  I recently bought her a brown wig, thinking it would make for a closer resemblance.  And then Byuri arrived with a different color.  Sigh!  Such is life.

Big Sister is watching over you.


  1. Ahhh the BIDs are adorable! Congratz to your Byuri!!! I am jealous! :D
    Do you also own a YID? I would love to see a picture of YID and BID together >.< I own a YID and was wondering if their sizes match, or if the BIDs are too small!

  2. Hello Asuka-Chan,
    I wish I did own a YID but I don't yet. Maybe someday. I stood Byuri next to Oasis Doll Natalie, who is 60cm, and he comes to mid-thigh. I don't remember how tall the YIDs are: 57cm? 58cm? It might work. Which YID do you have?