Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jasmine

Let me begin by saying that until now, there have been no fairies at Resin Corner.  For the longest time Resin Corner barred the door even to elves.  Then Fairyland's Little Fee Ante Elf arrived, followed some time later by Fairyland's Puki Fee Zoe, whose elf ears surprised the dickens out of me because I hadn't noticed them in her publicity photos.

Blue Fairy dolls are another matter.  They do not look like fairies.  (What does a fairy look like?  I imagine something small and slim with wings and vaguely pointy ears.  Think Disney's Tinker Bell.)  Blue Fairy dolls look like sweet, pensive children.  Their faces are more doll-like than those of the mini-mature dolls I usually collect. Their body proportions are more childlike.  Not my style, to be sure, and yet I like them.

I can thank Arcadia Dolls for my infatuation with Blue Fairy.  As if their lovely fashions and gorgeous photography weren't enough of a draw, sisters Mercedes and Concha Rodrigo have exquisite taste in dolls.  I bought their book, Arcadia Dolls Complete Galleries: Photo Sessions 2006-2008, published by, so that I could enjoy their work even when I am offline.  Part of the attraction is that they showcase dolls that I do not have in my collection.  I am intrigued.  The models are not identified in the book, only on their website,  I look at a beautifully costumed doll and think, "Who's that doll?"  One of those dolls is a Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy.

Given the name Tiny Fairy, one would expect the doll to fall into the Yo-SD category of 25-28 cm (10-11 inches) in height.  That is not the case.  Tiny Fairies measure 42 cm (girls) and 43 cm (boys).  There are more mature versions of each:  43 cm for the girl's blossom body and full blossom body; 44 cm for the boy's dandy body.  The three girl bodies differ also in the chest and waist measurements.  The girl body has a 17 cm chest and 14.5 cm waist; the blossom body has an 18.3 cm chest and 14.2 cm waist; the full blossom body has an 18.6 cm chest and 14 cm waist.  All versions have a 7-8 inch head (same wig size as Soulkids and IpleHouse JIDs) and 5.5 cm feet.

Blue Fairy also has a very tiny doll called a Pocket Fairy at 14 cm/5.5 inches (a wee bit smaller than Puki Fee's 15.5 cm/6.1 inches).  And at a website called Minoru World, there is a 30-33 cm doll they call a Junior Fairy.  I am not sure of the exact relationship between Blue Fairy and Minoru World, but they appear to be sister sites.  In fact, I bought my Tiny Fairy from Minoru World after they advertised a special edition Junior called Kitten Mittens.  The outfit was adorable, but I would have preferred it on another doll.  Browsing the site, I found a Tiny Fairy Limited edition Jasmine that I didn't see on Blue Fairy's site.  It is this Jasmine who has joined the family at Resin Corner.

I placed my order and settled back to wait the usual two months or more for the doll to arrive.  Most BJD companies wait until they have the order in hand before they make the doll.  Jasmine made the voyage halfway around the world and arrived within a week of my order.  I can only guess that Blue Fairy/Minoru make their Limited editions ahead of time and sell them until they run out of stock. 

The Limited edition is a fully dressed doll.  I am not sure what her costume represents, but it suggests to me a Korean schoolgirl's uniform.  If any of my Korean readers would care to enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it.  Just leave a comment at the bottom of the page, with my thanks in advance.

Now that I have remade the Arcadia Dolls pattern In Powder and Crinoline for my U-noa Chibi Lilin, I am in the process of making another dress from the same pattern for Jasmine.  I would have finished it tonight if not for the necessity of writing this post.  To make sure it would fit her, I made a trial bodice yesterday from a fabric I don't care for.  It's a perfect fit, so today I began work on the actual dress, only to come up short on the trim I was using.  (That's what happens when I buy trim without a specific project in mind.  When I finally want to use it, I find I don't have enough, the fabric store is 25 miles away and it's snowing.)

Before I close, Bambicrony Toto and I would like to wish our Asian friends a happy and prosperous Year of the Golden Rabbit.

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  1. I love Tiny Fairy. She is beautiful. And...I love her outfit. I like it with and without the hat. If I had a little girl...I dress her up in that. It would look a little silly one me. :-)