Friday, January 7, 2011

Tracking a Doll from Korea

This will be a first for me -- a post without photos.  I haven't any photos to post, because the doll is still in transit.

I ordered an Oasis Doll in early November.  Oasis is sold by Elfdoll on their Korean website.  In the past week I have taken to checking my order status to see if there was any change.  And lo and behold -- on Wednesday I saw that my Natalie had shipped.  Or, more precisely, I saw that my order was "In shipping."  Not sure what that meant (in the shipping department at Elfdoll, perphaps?) I clicked on my order to see the details and discovered a tracking number.

I Googled Korean EMS tracking and found the website, typed in my number, and saw that she had in fact left Elfdoll and was at the post office in Korea.  No other details until the next day, when I saw that she had landed at JFK in New York.  Today I find that she is still at JFK airport, at the Inward Office of Exchange.  Now I don't know about you, but this sounds like "Customs" to me.  I could be wrong.  I checked at work during my lunch hour and again an hour ago at home.  She is still there.

JFK could be backed up with packages after the huge amount of snow they received a week ago.  To make matters worse, there is another snowstorm working its way up the East Coast.  That could bring things to yet another standstill in New York.  Up here in the North Country, snow may slow us down, but it doesn't stop us.  I grew up in the greater New York metropolitan area, and I know how a few inches of snow can paralyze transportation.  They simply are not equipped to deal with large amounts of snow.  Unlike here, where we push it out of the way and go on with our lives.

Will Natalie make her way out of New York in time to join her new family at Resin Corner this weekend?  This is a question that not even Ball Jointed Woman can answer.

I think I'll check EMS tracking again...

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