Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Remaking a Dress for U-noa Chibi Lilin, Part 2

I have finished remaking the Rococo dress for Lilin. 

Removing the original trim from the bodice's lower edge was less difficult than I had imagined.  I put it aside and cut a half-inch off the bottom of the bodice.  Lilin tried it on.  Although the length was just about perfect, the fit still left something to be desired.  I decided to remove the back darts.  They weren't doing anything for Lilin's figure.  Without them, we had an even better fit.

On a whim I removed the ribbon loops that allowed the bodice to lace up the back.  I had enough fabric to overlap, and so I added snaps.  Not true to period, perhaps, but much easier for me.  Before, when I would try to lace up the back, I would pull the bodice out of shape.  Now it stays put.

I sewed the trim back on.  All of a sudden there wasn't enough of it.  Removing the back darts had added about a half-inch to the width of the bodice back.  Luckily I had a small piece left over from the new sleeves.  There was just enough to finish the bottom edge.

Here is the dress after the first set of alterations described in the previous post.  This photo shows how the bodice rides up because of the bulk of the skirt and underskirt.

Here Lilin models her slimmer fitting Rococo gown:

If you read Part 1 of this post, you will recall that the Arcadia pattern was shown in Haute Doll on a Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy doll.  Now that I have remade the dress to fit the much smaller U-noa Chibi, a Tiny Fairy has joined the cast of characters at Resin Corner.  It looks as if I will be making this gown again -- as originally designed.  Well, maybe not entirely as designed.  I rather like the full underskirt that I substituted for the crinoline and front panel.  I believe I will go that route again.

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  1. The dress turned out really nice. That wig goes perfect with the dress!