Monday, January 17, 2011

Oasis Doll Natalie

This will be an abbreviated post, because Ball Jointed Woman continues to wait for any one of the three computer repairmen she phoned to return the call.  That means that I am blogging from my office computer on my lunch hour, which is nearly over because (a) I needed to eat lunch and (b) I had to download and edit photos.

I managed to take a few pictures of Natalie yesterday, in spite of the weather that makes for such poor indoor light.  It is winter at Resin Corner, and all is gray, gray, and more gray.  Correction:  the sun did shine briefly on Saturday (for about half an hour) and again on Sunday for a brief time.  I have learned to take advantage -- quick, grab the camera and the dolls and set up in the sunniest room, because who knows when I will get another chance.

There was no time to pose Natalie in a variety of wigs and costumes.  For this shot, she is wearing a dress previously shown on Sooah.  The pattern is from Gracefaerie and I believe it is called Takeshita-dori.  (If I were at home, I could pick up the pattern envelope and verify that.)  Her wig is from Jpopdolls:  the style is Kanalong and the color is Blush.  This photo does not show her fabulous Soom shoes.  They are the same shoes that Rosette Marguerite wears, but in a dark red.

Natalie came with two pair of hands:  fists (shown here) and open hands.  The fists actually go through sleeve openings more easily than do the delicate, extended fingers.  She also came with an extra pair of feet.  I think one pair is supposed to be flat and the other for wearing high heels, but frankly, I can't see any difference between them.  I also bought sunglasses for her, but before she can wear them, she will need a modern, hip looking outfit.  They just don't work with the Lolita look.

I spent the day yesterday working on a new dress for her.  It is a steampunk version of Martha Boers' Country Ruffles.  More about that when I finish it.

Lunchtime is over.  Back to work.

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  1. Natalie is beautiful and so is her dress. I just love the little furniture in the picture.

    I sure hope those people returned your phone calls. Don't make me come up there and karate chop them.