Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oasis Doll Natalie's New Dress

I am proceeding with extreme care, as my computer has not quite decided if it will let me remain online or go "Poof!" into the webisphere. 

My first post about Natalie was necessarily brief, as I was experiencing computer problems then, too.  I know what the machine's problem is -- it's old.  If I could only stop buying dolls, maybe I could buy a new computer.  Somehow, the thought of a new doll is always more enticing ...

Oasis Dolls are sculpted by Sarina W. and sold on Elfdoll's website.  There are three dolls available:  Ling Lan (a closed-mouth Asian girl), Yaoyue (an open-mouth Asian girl), and Natalie (a Caucasian girl).  I love all three, could afford only one, couldn't decide between the two Asian girls and so ordered Natalie.  The dolls' bodies look like Rainy Elfdoll bodies but their measurements are different.

The current generation Rainy Elfgirls are 58 cm tall, have a 20 cm head, 9.5 cm neck, 24 cm bust, 17 cm waist, and 26.5 cm hips.  Oasis girls, by comparison, are 60 cm tall, have a 21.5 cm head, 9.2 cm neck, 24.5 cm bust, 17.5 cm waist and 26 cm hips.  I am finding that some of the items I sewed for Hazy will fit and some will not.  I am also finding that fashions pattered on large-bust Sooah are not an exact fit, either.  (I don't have her mesurements handy for comparison.)

The dress that Natalie is modeling here was made from the Country Ruffles pattern by Martha Boers for large-bust Rainy Elfgirls.  I find I could have taken it in at the bust (or else stuffed the bust with tissues for the photos).  The shoulders are snug.  The waist is not an issue as the waistline lies under the bust.  The dress flares out from there so the hip measurement didn't matter, either.  Natalie's dress achieved even greater flare from the string of gold beads I added to the row of lace.  The strand is so stiff that it makes the skirt stand out without the use of a crinoline.

The fabric I used is a cotton printed with a variety of timepieces -- perfect for a steampunk look.  The belt looks like leather but is actually fabric printed to look like leather.  It's a very good imitation and almost as hard to sew through as the real thing.  I alternated small black and brown buttons on the sleeves.  They are sewn on the check fabric but their shape echoes the watch faces on the main fabric.  As luck would have it, they can't be seen on any of the photos I took.  Neither can the flowers on the back of the hat.  C'est la vie!

Natalie's wig is from LeekeWorld.

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