Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Outfits for LittleFees

Instead of going on at greater length about Oasis Doll Natalie, whose steampunk outfit is not quite ready, Ball Jointed Woman this week turns to her latest outfits for LittleFees Lishe and Shiwoo. 

Poor Shiwoo has been sitting there for so long in his overalls with no shirt on, as if it were still summer.  It was high time he had something else to wear.  But what?  Until I get around to ordering again from Adams-Harris Pattern Company, I have only a couple of suitable patterns, both intended for girls.  (But don't tell Little Shiwoo that.)  Too cold for shorts, which means another pair of overalls.  The last pair was blue sprinkled with random letters of the alphabet.  This time I am using a narrow stripe fabric left over from the pirate pants I made for Tan Limho Mono. 

The pattern is Adams-Harris' Butterfly Garden.  Obviously, we are not going to embellish with flowers and butterflies -- too girlie for Shiwoo.  I pawed through my appliques and other add-ons and discovered a package of ladybug appliques.  Perfect!  Boys love bugs.  I also found a pair of ladybug buttons, but decided to hold them for another project.  There is, after all, such a thing as too many ladybugs on one outfit.  I used plain red buttons instead.

Lishe wanted something that would give her the freedom to play on the floor with Shiwoo without crushing her dress.  I found a pattern for an adorable little romper in the February 2010 issue of Haute Doll, designed by Susan Rethoret.  I had the perfect fabric with leaves and little owls.  For buttons I used one pink and one blue, to echo some of the leaves in the print.

For Lishe's long-sleeve tee shirt I used a variegated pink knit.  I used the same pattern for Shiwoo's gray tee, but made his in a more substantial knit in gray.  One thing I noticed as I sewed was that the tee shirt held its shape better in the heavier fabric.  Lishe's tee seems to have stretched some as I sewed.

The tee shirt pattern calls for gluing a piece of ribbon around the neckline.  That seemed a little flimsy to me, so I sewed a piece of pink trim to Lishe's tee.  For Shiwoo's tee I cut a small strip of the gray knit and folded it in half lengthwise, then sewed it to the neckline to make a turtleneck.

Toto keeps looking my way with the same sad expression, as if to say, "When will it be my turn?"  I think she needs a romper, too.  I have some delightful fabric by Laurel Burch with cats all over it.  As soon as I finish Natalie's dress, Toto is next in line. 

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  1. I'm so glad you are back! I love the outfits but those little pink shoes are something else. So cute!