Sunday, December 19, 2010

Resin Corner Welcomes Iplehouse JID Asa

Ball Jointed Woman is so bad.  I went to the Iplehouse website earlier tonight to check some of my facts and ended up placing another order.  I had to do it now:  the order period ends the day after Christmas.  IH's new BID Byuri will make a perfect little brother to Asa...but I am getting ahead of myself.

Two months ago I ordered JID Asa Special Edition.  She is a 43 cm Junior Iplehouse Doll with "real skin," which turns out to be a warm caramel color, almost a light tan.  What distinguishes her from the other IH JID girls is her eyes, which are 10 mm, unlike the others who have 12 mm or 14 mm eyes.  This makes her facial proportions less doll-like and more human.  More "real" if you will.

Asa/Anastasia wears an Iplehouse wig in a color
called burlywood.  It's a mix of brown and blonde strands.

She is also different in that she is the JID version of one of Iplehouse's larger girls:  EID Asa, a statuesque 65 cm Asian beauty who has been offered in two sold-out special editions and is now available in a basic edition.  (EID = Elder Iplehouse Doll.)  The larger Asa also has smaller eyes than her fellow EID girls.

Another Iplehouse wig.  The color is saddle brown.
Her eyes are a light violet.

Iplehouse ships via EMS.  I received the shipping notice last Tuesday; on Thursday there was a notice taped to my door that the package was at the Post Office.  Halfway around the world in less than a week.  That's fast!  My letters and cards to Canada take much longer than that, and I'm very near the border.

I collected Asa (whom I have renamed Anastasia, because I associate Asa with a man's name) Friday on my way to work.  She spent the day in my car in below-freezing temperature.  It took a long time after I got home for her resin to warm up to room temperature.  The extreme cold seems not to have done her any permanent harm.  I did have some trouble, while she was still cold, keeping the small resin hand ring inside her right wrist.  This is a "C" shaped part that slips over and hides the "S" hook at the end of her hand.  It gives the hand-wrist connection a more finished look.  I'm guessing that the cold shrank the resin a tiny bit.  There has been no slippage since she warmed up.

This wig reminds me of an old TV ad for hair color:
If I have only one life to live, let me live it as a blonde.

Anastasia and I spent Friday night trying on wigs.  Her head size is 7.2 inch, so she wears a 7/8 wig.  Tania is the same size, and yet the wigs seem to fit the two girls differently.  I'm guessing that eye size has something to do with it.  A wig with long or heavy bangs can make Anastasia's eyes all but disappear, where it has little or no effect on Tania.  Eye makeup plays a part, too.  Tania's Cristy Stone faceup features dark liner and heavy lashes.  Anastasia's eye makeup is more natural.  I had to look very closely to determine if she had eyelashes at all.  (She does.)

The burlywood wig close up.
I did not order the full-set clothing offered with JID Asa.  Thanks to Tania, I already had some clothes for her to wear.  I chose a white sweater and white boots, and made a skirt to go with them.  It's the same skirt pattern I used recently for U-noa Sist (Haute Doll August 2010 issue).  Because IH girls are somewhat thicker in the torso, I added an inch to the skirt yoke.  I wanted to make sure there would be enough fabric to overlap for the snap sets.  Looking at the fit of the finished product, I could have added a half-inch instead and still had plenty of room for snaps.

I made this skirt in black for U-noa Sist.
Now, about her little brother...  Byuri is a Baby Iplehouse Doll, about the same size as Fairyland's LittleFees.  He was introduced as one of the first two dolls in IH's new Elemental Guardians series.  The cloud costume didn't thrill me, so I selected his outfit from the other BID clothing IH offers.  I'm afraid you'll have to wait for more details until Byuri makes his appearance at Resin Corner.  Shall we say two months from now?


  1. your anastasia is so pretty!!! I really like her!

  2. Your Asa/Anastasia is beautiful! I just received mine this week from Iplehouse, but bought her with a blank face. She's out getting her face-up now, and is coming along beautifully.

    I enjoyed seeing her in the different wigs you tried. I haven't had a chance to 'play' with her yet, but soon!