Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Dress for Little Fee; a Wig for Dharma

A Dress for Little Fee

In a recent post, I showed Little Fee Ante Elf in a fairy-print dress that was decidedly big for her.  She was happy enough to wear it, despite its size, because she loved the fairies.  I was still debating what to do about it when I came across a new pattern from Adams-Harris called Ridinghood LittleFee.  Aha!  A basic little girl's dress with bonus features of a pinafore apron and a cloak.  I should be able to get a variety of outfits out of this one.

There was one catch.  Ante insisted on having the fairy print, even though I didn't have enough of the fabric left for a whole new dress.  We compromised.  I had a sweet little strip of pastel stripe fabric, along with the remnant of the fairy print.  I combined them.  The fairy print shows up as the hemband of the skirt and the sleeve cuffs.  Then, because the print didn't show up as prominently as Ante would have liked, I cut out one of the fairies and appliqued it to the front bodice of the dress.

Now, either my seams were a little too generous or Ante has been eating too much ice cream, but this dress came out quite snug.  The sleeve cuffs were so narrow that we had to remove her default hands and replace them with her fists in order to get them on.  Luckily changing hands on Little Fees is easy.  The wrist hooks onto the stringing elastic, then a tiny magnet attaches the hand to the wrist.  To change hands, give the hand a quarter turn to escape the resin notch inside, then simply pull off the hand.  The new one snaps on and Voila!

I bought the same Ridinghood pattern sized for Unidoll Momo.  That one will be for Kay Wiggs' Millie.  I also bought a new Millie pattern from MHD Designs called Simplicite.  And a Patchwork Pansy pattern called Mischief promises to fit both sizes of little doll.  It seems my little ones can look forward to lots of new dresses in the future.  Now if only I could find something for Little Shiwoo...

A Wig for Dharma

This week I received a gorgeous curly blonde Dollmore wig that I won on e-bay.  It was supposed to be a size 7-8, but the seller said it didn't fit her IpleHouse JID girl, who wears a 7-8.  I bid on it anyway, figuring that with dolls of several different sizes, it was bound to fit somebody.  Out of curiosity, I tried it on my IpleHouse Tania.  The seller was right -- it was much too small for her.  I tried it on two of my Soulkids -- too small again.  Undaunted, I tried it on U-noa Lusis.  Somewhat big there.  It might possibly fit with a wig cap, but I didn't have one handy at the time.  I tried it on Supia Yan.  Same thing.  Maybe with a wig cap.  Why can I never find a wig cap of the right size when I need one? 

Then I looked at Pixiez Dharma.  Why not?  And at last, we have a fit.  It's a very heavy wig, with a lot of hair cascading down the doll's back.  The bangs are also quite long in front.  It makes me wonder what doll it was designed for.  That heavy hair makes the wig slip backward.  Again, we're going to need a wig cap to make sure it stays on, but Dharma has put me on notice that she is keeping it.  Not only that, but she feels that such a magnificent wig deserves a new and fabulous dress.  That may take a little longer than finding a wig cap, my dear, but I'll see what I can do.

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