Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a


This precious little one from Fairyland arrived just in time for Christmas.  She is PukiFee Basic Zoe, and although I seem not to have jotted her stats anywhere, I seem to recall that she is 15 cm tall (just under 6 inches) and wears a 5-6 wig.  The wig size is important.  It's the reason I bought the doll in the first place.
Charo the chihuahua seems to be thinking:  At last!
Someone to play with who is more my size.
You see, I bought a wig on e-bay.  It was adorable, just the style for a LittleFee, and the perfect size:  6-7.  That is, it was supposed to be a 6-7.  In actuality, it was more like a -6.  (I know, there is no such size, but that is how it fit.)  None of my dolls could wear it.  I tried it on every Little and every MSD known to wear a 6-7, and it did not fit a single one of them -- not even Rosette Marguerite, who has a smaller head than the others.

PukiFee Zoe with LittleFee Ante Elf.  The
family resemblance includes elf ears.

Now some people would return a wig that doesn't fit.  The thing is, I really really liked it.  It's good quality -- it's just a tad small.  And I didn't want to mail it overseas, as I would end up paying more in postage than the wig cost originally.  So I did what any other bjd-fanatic would do in such a case -- I ordered a doll to fit the wig!

As I didn't feel like waiting two months for a doll to come from Korea, I ordered an in-stock doll from Denver Doll Emporium.  Zoe arrived within the week.  I knew there wasn't time to get a pattern and sew something before then, so I ordered an outfit at the same time.  So, I can't take credit for the little pink bloomers and white bib.  There is a hair bow, too, but as the wig already came with a pink ribbon, I haven't tried it on her yet.

A new charge for nursemaide Marguerite.

The irony of it all is that the wig is a bit large for Zoe.  (What size is this thing?)  I'm hoping that a wig cap will help keep it on her head.  Even so, it's a lot of hair for a little girl.  She already has a large head compared to her body.  It makes her top-heavy.  I will eventually buy her a wig that is more to scale.  I'm hanging onto the red wig anyway.  Who knows?  Someday a doll will arrive at Resin Corner and find it a perfect fit. 

Little Shiwoo shows off his stuffed moose as Zoe and Charo look on.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Resin Corner Welcomes Iplehouse JID Asa

Ball Jointed Woman is so bad.  I went to the Iplehouse website earlier tonight to check some of my facts and ended up placing another order.  I had to do it now:  the order period ends the day after Christmas.  IH's new BID Byuri will make a perfect little brother to Asa...but I am getting ahead of myself.

Two months ago I ordered JID Asa Special Edition.  She is a 43 cm Junior Iplehouse Doll with "real skin," which turns out to be a warm caramel color, almost a light tan.  What distinguishes her from the other IH JID girls is her eyes, which are 10 mm, unlike the others who have 12 mm or 14 mm eyes.  This makes her facial proportions less doll-like and more human.  More "real" if you will.

Asa/Anastasia wears an Iplehouse wig in a color
called burlywood.  It's a mix of brown and blonde strands.

She is also different in that she is the JID version of one of Iplehouse's larger girls:  EID Asa, a statuesque 65 cm Asian beauty who has been offered in two sold-out special editions and is now available in a basic edition.  (EID = Elder Iplehouse Doll.)  The larger Asa also has smaller eyes than her fellow EID girls.

Another Iplehouse wig.  The color is saddle brown.
Her eyes are a light violet.

Iplehouse ships via EMS.  I received the shipping notice last Tuesday; on Thursday there was a notice taped to my door that the package was at the Post Office.  Halfway around the world in less than a week.  That's fast!  My letters and cards to Canada take much longer than that, and I'm very near the border.

I collected Asa (whom I have renamed Anastasia, because I associate Asa with a man's name) Friday on my way to work.  She spent the day in my car in below-freezing temperature.  It took a long time after I got home for her resin to warm up to room temperature.  The extreme cold seems not to have done her any permanent harm.  I did have some trouble, while she was still cold, keeping the small resin hand ring inside her right wrist.  This is a "C" shaped part that slips over and hides the "S" hook at the end of her hand.  It gives the hand-wrist connection a more finished look.  I'm guessing that the cold shrank the resin a tiny bit.  There has been no slippage since she warmed up.

This wig reminds me of an old TV ad for hair color:
If I have only one life to live, let me live it as a blonde.

Anastasia and I spent Friday night trying on wigs.  Her head size is 7.2 inch, so she wears a 7/8 wig.  Tania is the same size, and yet the wigs seem to fit the two girls differently.  I'm guessing that eye size has something to do with it.  A wig with long or heavy bangs can make Anastasia's eyes all but disappear, where it has little or no effect on Tania.  Eye makeup plays a part, too.  Tania's Cristy Stone faceup features dark liner and heavy lashes.  Anastasia's eye makeup is more natural.  I had to look very closely to determine if she had eyelashes at all.  (She does.)

The burlywood wig close up.
I did not order the full-set clothing offered with JID Asa.  Thanks to Tania, I already had some clothes for her to wear.  I chose a white sweater and white boots, and made a skirt to go with them.  It's the same skirt pattern I used recently for U-noa Sist (Haute Doll August 2010 issue).  Because IH girls are somewhat thicker in the torso, I added an inch to the skirt yoke.  I wanted to make sure there would be enough fabric to overlap for the snap sets.  Looking at the fit of the finished product, I could have added a half-inch instead and still had plenty of room for snaps.

I made this skirt in black for U-noa Sist.
Now, about her little brother...  Byuri is a Baby Iplehouse Doll, about the same size as Fairyland's LittleFees.  He was introduced as one of the first two dolls in IH's new Elemental Guardians series.  The cloud costume didn't thrill me, so I selected his outfit from the other BID clothing IH offers.  I'm afraid you'll have to wait for more details until Byuri makes his appearance at Resin Corner.  Shall we say two months from now?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Dress for Little Fee; a Wig for Dharma

A Dress for Little Fee

In a recent post, I showed Little Fee Ante Elf in a fairy-print dress that was decidedly big for her.  She was happy enough to wear it, despite its size, because she loved the fairies.  I was still debating what to do about it when I came across a new pattern from Adams-Harris called Ridinghood LittleFee.  Aha!  A basic little girl's dress with bonus features of a pinafore apron and a cloak.  I should be able to get a variety of outfits out of this one.

There was one catch.  Ante insisted on having the fairy print, even though I didn't have enough of the fabric left for a whole new dress.  We compromised.  I had a sweet little strip of pastel stripe fabric, along with the remnant of the fairy print.  I combined them.  The fairy print shows up as the hemband of the skirt and the sleeve cuffs.  Then, because the print didn't show up as prominently as Ante would have liked, I cut out one of the fairies and appliqued it to the front bodice of the dress.

Now, either my seams were a little too generous or Ante has been eating too much ice cream, but this dress came out quite snug.  The sleeve cuffs were so narrow that we had to remove her default hands and replace them with her fists in order to get them on.  Luckily changing hands on Little Fees is easy.  The wrist hooks onto the stringing elastic, then a tiny magnet attaches the hand to the wrist.  To change hands, give the hand a quarter turn to escape the resin notch inside, then simply pull off the hand.  The new one snaps on and Voila!

I bought the same Ridinghood pattern sized for Unidoll Momo.  That one will be for Kay Wiggs' Millie.  I also bought a new Millie pattern from MHD Designs called Simplicite.  And a Patchwork Pansy pattern called Mischief promises to fit both sizes of little doll.  It seems my little ones can look forward to lots of new dresses in the future.  Now if only I could find something for Little Shiwoo...

A Wig for Dharma

This week I received a gorgeous curly blonde Dollmore wig that I won on e-bay.  It was supposed to be a size 7-8, but the seller said it didn't fit her IpleHouse JID girl, who wears a 7-8.  I bid on it anyway, figuring that with dolls of several different sizes, it was bound to fit somebody.  Out of curiosity, I tried it on my IpleHouse Tania.  The seller was right -- it was much too small for her.  I tried it on two of my Soulkids -- too small again.  Undaunted, I tried it on U-noa Lusis.  Somewhat big there.  It might possibly fit with a wig cap, but I didn't have one handy at the time.  I tried it on Supia Yan.  Same thing.  Maybe with a wig cap.  Why can I never find a wig cap of the right size when I need one? 

Then I looked at Pixiez Dharma.  Why not?  And at last, we have a fit.  It's a very heavy wig, with a lot of hair cascading down the doll's back.  The bangs are also quite long in front.  It makes me wonder what doll it was designed for.  That heavy hair makes the wig slip backward.  Again, we're going to need a wig cap to make sure it stays on, but Dharma has put me on notice that she is keeping it.  Not only that, but she feels that such a magnificent wig deserves a new and fabulous dress.  That may take a little longer than finding a wig cap, my dear, but I'll see what I can do.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Perfect Fit for Rosette Marguerite

At last!  A new outfit for poor Marguerite. 

I feared I would never find anything to fit her.  Then one day while going through a box of non-BJD stuff, I came across an evening dress for Tonner's Tyler Wentworth.  I had tried Franklin Mint fashions on Marguerite without success.  Could this one possibly work?  It was ridiculously short on her -- I think it came to her knees -- and it was tight around the hips, but the top fit perfectly.  It was sleeveless, so I wasn't sure about the arm length.  There was only one thing to do.

Making a muslin prototype to check for fit
I bought a pattern on ebay from the Fletcher Pattern Company.  Called Safari for Tyler, it consists of a long-sleeved blouse and a high-waisted, long flared skirt.  I hoped the flare would start high enough to accommodate Marguerite's hips.  And I wondered how the blouse would fit.  I cut out and basted a muslin prototype.  In my eagerness and haste, I sewed a few of the skirt sections wrong side out.  It doesn't matter, I kept reminding myself, it's just for fit.  As soon as I saw that it would indeed fit, I laid out my fabric, cut it out, and set to work.

The pattern does not call for lining the skirt.  I chose to line it rather than finish so many raw seams.
At first I had thought I might keep to the safari theme in my choice of fabrics.  Then I looked deeper into my stash and considered calico for a prairie settler look.  But when I came across some Asian prints I knew I had to make the outfit as a marriage of Eastern fabric and Western style.  Even better, I had recently ordered Marguerite a new wig from Soom (Korea) and the color was perfect with the fabric.

Adding the collar to the shirt
Out of her Victorian white ruffled dress, Marguerite looks like a different girl.  And now that I know Tyler fashions can work for her (I didn't need a single alteration to the pattern or the garment) I will be able to flesh out her wardrobe.  She will never be able to wear Tyler's slacks or straight skirts.  I wouldn't know where to begin lengthening a pants pattern to fit -- Marguerite is all legs!  (The Rosette girls measure 47.5 cm tall, with a leg length of 29.5 cm.)  But there is nothing easier to sew than a basic skirt, so I should be able to wing it even without a pattern.

I added lace trim to lengthen the skirt.  The belt is a piece
of orange trim finished with a tiny belt buckle.

A word of caution to anyone else who is eager to try this:  Marguerite has what Rosette/Soom calls a lady body.  She and Fir are the only two Rosette School of Dolls girls with this figure type.  The other dolls have the flat-chested girl body (14.3 cm chest for the girl and 16 cm chest for the lady).  If you use a Tyler pattern for the girls you will need to remove the darts and adjust the bodice for the resulting extra fullness.

Millie admires the new look
One of these days I will order Marguerite another pair of shoes.  That way her feet won't be a dead giveaway when they appear to one side of a photo, as they did in the Mid-Week Sneak Peek.