Sunday, November 21, 2010

Souldoll Sisters

Originally I planned to title this post Soul Sisters.  I realized it might generate a lot of traffic looking for something other than BJDs, so I decided to be more specific.

I have recently acquired my third Soul Kid, the second to turn up on ebay.  Her name is Ahee (if anyone knows the meaning of this Korean name, please let me know in the comments -- thanks!) and she came on Souldoll's double-jointed body.  This means that I now have one of each body style:  the old body (Linn), the new general body (Mayu) and the new double-jointed body (Ahee).

All three bodies have one thing in common:  they are very tightly strung.  The dolls arrive sitting in their boxes, hugging their arms to their bodies.  Linn took three years to loosen up.  She is still tight and still loves to sit, but her movements are no longer as extreme as they once were.  Mayu can be locked into position without too much difficulty.  Even so, she will cross her arms upon any attempt to pose them.  Ahee brought her knees up so many times as I was trying to dress her that it occurred to me to make her an Irish step-dancer's costume and let her kick to her heart's content.

As I am no longer the novice I once was where BJDs are concerned, I shrugged off her antics and got out my restringing tools.  I restrung her arms.  The elastic was so tightly knotted inside her torso that I had to cut it because I could not undo the knot.  Now that's tight!  I gave her a slightly longer elastic; even so, I find her arms tighter than I wanted.  The elastic could have been a bit longer still. 

Left to right:  Mayu (new general body), Ahee (on Linn's original body), Linn (on Ahee's new double-jointed body).  Mayu looks shorter because her shoes have lower heels.
The elastic inside her legs and torso has me stymied.  I can't see how to unhook her feet and I can't reach the knot inside her torso.  Same goes for the resin piece that connects her head to her neck.  It's on a thinner string, but where is it attached?  How on earth did Souldoll put this one together?  I have given up for now.  She has won this skirmish, but not the war.  I will figure out how to restring her.

Ahee has a broad face with something of a Mona Lisa Smile.  Looking at her, it occurred to me that her head might be a better match with the original body, which has chubby hands and feet and looks more childlike.  Linn, on the other hand, has a more delicate, more mature face sculpt.  Her head always looked out of place on the original body.  So, I have switched them. 

Ahee looks perfectly delighted with the transformation.  Linn is not best pleased.  While she likes the idea of a slimmer, more delicate body, she is not enamored of its jerky movements.  The neck attachment prevents her from raising her head.  I now look at the neck attachment inside Mayu's head and wonder if the S-hook is original to it, or if the previous owner took matters into her own hands and replaced the resin piece with the hook.  It definitely gives her head more range of motion.

In the photos, Ahee is wearing a dress made from the Kimono Lolita pattern in the February 2007 issue of Haute Doll.  I have also used this pattern in black and white for U-noa Sist (see my Black-and-White-Party posts).  Her wig is Ashes from Jpopdolls.  The other dresses have appeared in previous posts:  Linn's dress on U-noa Lusis and Mayu's outfit on U-noa Sist.  I'm not sure of the origin of their wigs.  Linn's wig came with Ahee, but it looks like an IpleHouse wig.  There is a wig on their website with two little bows made of exactly the same brown elastic lace.  Mayu's wig came with one of the U-noas I bought on ebay, but it's not a U-noa wig.  The tag inside it says Global Dolls, made in Philippines.  I have not heard of them before.

The past week also saw the arrival of a small shipment of wigs from Soom.  They, in turn, have inspired new outfits.  As those outfits are still in my mind and not on my cutting board or sewing machine, they will have to wait for another post.  (I also ordered shoes for the yet-to-arrive Oasis Doll Natalie.  The last time I ordered shoes for a doll whose feet I could not measure in person, they didn't fit.  Fingers crossed on this one, because the shoes won't fit anyone else.)

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  1. That is a striking picture of Ahee! She is beautiful.